ChäoS;Child : Gigalomanics

Episode 5

The hospital episode might have been crazy random but at least it started to give us a idea of what was going on. Kind of.

I like the idea that people can have psychic powers and not know it. Takuru has Psychokinesis so when he wants something it just happens, like the lock in episode 1 opening even though it was very obviously shut. It makes sense and it also makes sense that he doesn’t know how to use it and would reject it even if he does come to terms with it. I also like that Arimaru is like a living lie detector, that was quite cool.

Its getting tedious with everyone thinking that Takuru is really dumb when he keeps proving he isn’t, maybe its just a joke but its just boring now.

The science stuff to explain how psychics could exist is difficult to explain yet made complete sense for some reason. It was pretty interesting and I found myself wondering why we didn’t get cool moments like that more often, the anime is so wordy which I love but at times it feels like they just say the same things over and over again in different ways to make it seem like they are getting somewhere when in actual fact they aren’t.

It was then interesting to see Takuru and Arimaru getting attacked by someone with Pyrokinesis.

BUT, and I do love my capitalised but’s at the moment, it still feels real rushed and over the top. Till this point we didn’t really know about this whole world but now its making sense why Takuru is freaking out, he’s having a reaction to the Sumo Sticker which is the 11th Roschach test. It then makes sense if the others had been exposed to these Stickers that their deaths might be suicides but obviously whomever is putting the stickers there is doing so in order to kill them.

Whilst we’re getting over this we meet someone else with powers who is obviously batshit crazy and tries to kill them. Out of the blue. For no reason. No one else had been burnt to a crisp so she ain’t the person out to kill them all. She might have had a reaction to the Sumo Stickers as the other two had but it was just a pointless action scene that could have been built up but wasn’t.

I loved Arimaru’s reaction afterwards, her being too scared to move and having peed herself. Now that might make me sound weird I know but it felt like a true reaction to everything that had happened to her in a short period of time from the reaction to the suddenly thousands of Sumo Stickers to being attacked and nearly killed. Unfortunately after getting back to the clinic where Takuru’s family lives she was back to normal without a single trace of fear.

Everything Kurusu had to go on about didn’t really interest me and other then being another emotional piece of cliched baggage for Takuru I have no interest in Senri or her and Kurusu having been friends before all this. It just doesn’t interest me.

Poor Uki on the other hand does.

So like I get it, these experiments were terrible and everything but the girl obviously did not want to leave, mainly because she’s probably been brainwashed or something but it could purely be because she truly wanted to look after the others. She was kidnapped and the people doing the kidnapping didn’t seem to realise why she’d be upset? I loved the moment when she asked the detective for help and he thought they were getting somewhere but she just pointed out she’d been kidnappe and wanted to go home. It was the reaction you would get!

At the end of the episode the detective makes his way back to the hospital facility to find that the underground basement is now empty except for Uki who had run away to return home.

Now SHE is a charac


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