ChäoS;Child : Gigalomanics

Episode 4

I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of reviewing this series but I will continue anyway because that is just the kind of person I am.

So there was a hospital being talked about right?!

Again the series seems to have sped on to something different.

We went from kids at school investigating murders for no real reason seeing its a school newspaper, to the murders starting to effect their own lives to what we have now. A real nightmare in a hospital.

Like its the spookiest episode by far. Takuru keeps blanking out and seeing visions of crazy things, he sticks Itou in a freezer with a dead body because he himself was the only person who could share one with Onoe, then they end up with Mio in a mysterious underground base inside the hospital that houses the creepiest of creepy things you could think of.

It really feels like stuff that you’d get further into a anime, it feels like we’ve skipped episode 1 and 2 and just jumped straight into episode 3 or 4 and now we’re coming to a end. Just we aren’t.

I thought all the information we got this episode was really great, all about the experiments and then them kidnapping Uki Yamazoe at the end. It’ll be interesting to see if she has anything to share with them as she didn’t want to leave and it was truly a kidnapping in every sense of the word as Mio had to attack her to get her to leave.

Takuru’s visions were so cool and the whole beginning half of the episode was like the thing of nightmares. It was so well orchestrated that I was seriously impressed, its better then a lot of things you see in horror animes and at points even though you knew that it was just some crazy vision you were actually really worried for Onoe and Itou. Though Itou and his crazy talk of Takuru holding his severed hand did make me laugh.

Maybe I missed it but did Takuru actually ever point out that he was in this facility himself? That he actually saw the torture going on? I don’t know if the point was made clear if he was actually there as a kid or just has some crazy kind of vision power we don’t know about yet but they seemed pretty relaxed by the fact it kinda looked in his visions that he was there as a kid. Surely that in itself would make him more interesting to Mio who for some reason had to declare that she doesn’t like him very much. I mean its very easy for you to get lost in these episodes so maybe I have it wrong but it sure seemed that they were ignoring the fact he had been there or at least knew someone who had been there and was at the epicenter of the earthquake 6 years ago.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all fits together really.

The creepy hospital though. Man was it creepy. The thing is it felt so out of place though there was no real build up to it other then a quick mention in the last episode. It just felt so out of the blue and random and it isn’t even like its the middle of the series!  Still just totally awesome.


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