ChäoS;Child : School Festival

Episode 3

With the craziness still ongoing we are no closer to knowing what is going on then when we started but it feels like we’re in for one helluva ride still.

I think I’ve been saying it from the start but what bugs me about this series is that it just feels rushed.

The whole cliffhanger of what happened to Kurusu came at a terrible time, if we’d had one extra episode in between it to let us get to know Takuru and Kurusu then maybe it would have worked a bit better. Instead we never thought Kurusu was going to end up dead at the end of episode 2, it just wasn’t going to happen like that.

All the whole pa-lava seemed to be about was giving us a emotional scene where Takuru has to swallow his pride and go home because it was kinda his fault Kurusu was hurt and then we find out that THEY ALL LIED TO HIM!!! How could they tell him his parents had died in the Earthquake… That… Wasn’t a Earthquake… Instead of telling him after he woke up from a coma that his parents had been murdered.

Shame on Kurusu and his adopted father for trying to spare his feelings about all that.

It was just weak. Again it might have worked better if we’d known that BEFORE Kurusu had been hurt, if it wasn’t for the fact that other then being a dick to Kurusu he showed any kind of emotional damage by all this in other episodes or if the anime had actually made us care about him.

Again the series for me really is about all the mysteries. Like I say its surrounding the gruesome deaths but its obvious something is going on and the deaths are just the end game of whatever it is. The characters could change every episode and with the amount of emotional impact they’ve had on me I wouldn’t bloody notice to be honest. They completely missed a great moment down the line and with one fake death in the main group you know that whoever gets attacked next is going to be for real.



The episode felt rushed, it was kind of in two parts. Takuru’s story at the beginning with Kurusu well enough after this incident to tell him what happened, then the build up to a actual death which again was gruesome visually if a little over the top and weird. Like I like weird things but I do hope at some point we actually see what happened to the guy because I’m not buying that he was able to eat enough of those Sumo Stickers to make him look as bloated as he was without being seriously sick beforehand and probably passing out from the pain. Plus that much paper surely he would have cut up his throat pretty fucking badly.

Mio comes barging in and we learn that this all has to do with psychics or something which makes the anime go from really interesting to sci-fi interesting. I don’t mind there being special powers and stuff like that but I kind of hope that the ending isn’t going to end up hand waved away, its so intriguing  that the psychic stuff kind of knocked some wind out of it all.

Again thoug h


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