Youjo Senki : Trial by Fire

Episode 8

Entente has been defeated, well pretty much, it’ll be time for new orders and I guess those orders are going to get more crazy and dangerous seeing they still have yet to fail a mission. Degurechaff better be careful…

Degurechaff’s Battalion has to get over the fact that war means doing nasty things that you can’t get out of. Glanz unfortunately seems to have worries about fighting within a city, knowing that there is a chance that the fighting will take out civilians its a battle against his moral compass. Degurechaff isn’t the best person to go to with those problems. She gives him a speech about how the enemy they let go today will take up arms against them tomorrow whilst watching civilians marching out of the city.

I have a feeling she’s just made a enemy out of one of her own men.

Personally I feel the episode did nothing but reiterate what we already knew. That Degurechaff will do anything to win this war and mainly will do so because she’s been given the order to do so. Its her job to do what her superiors tell her and she isn’t going to shy away from them, she’ll make it easier for herself to move forward and doesn’t stop to look at the devastation around her.

When she does take the time she just see’s the victories not the dead bodies she had to walk over to get there.

Its why her men falter, I don’t know whether or not in her first life she’d be the same or not but it seems because she knows that God exists and is in the battle with him that she doesn’t care who she has to trample. That in itself I guess is a form of faith. She’s a good leader because she doesn’t care so always looks strong even when the strongest of men go weak at the knees but she’s also a bad leader because she doesn’t notice that her men need encouragement instead of a lesson on being heartless.

The higher ups know that she’s the weapon that will end the war for them but that isn’t really the position she wanted to be in. The more she wins the more dangerous the mission she then finds herself in.

After the credits we saw Anson Sue wake up after being given a mission by God to defeat the Devil, we know its true because his eyes do that changing thing that hers do when she prays. What this is going to prove I don’t know, two people going face-to-face with each other with the same bloody Miracle isn’t going to do much. Sue has one thing Degurechaff doesn’t have, he isn’t a egotistical smartass that doesn’t engage their brain to their fullest because they think the world is just stupid. He might be able to outsmart her but I just don’t see the point in  Being X at all. I don’t see the end game for him. He wants her to believe and gives her basically superhuman powers then because she still won’t believe and because she’s going to tear apart the world to prove to him that she’s right he’s going to try and kill her. Why not just take her Miracle away? Why not just admit defeat and not reincarnate psychopaths just because your pride was hurt that the psycho didn’t believe in you?

Being X is his own worst enemy.


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