WCPW : Chain Reaction

We have literally had one person ask if we’d review WCPW after seeing me go on about it all the time on Twitter so I am going to give my one WCPW Twitter spamming fan what they want and write the review like I promised I would for Chain Reaction.

Winner : El Ligero

What I always like about WCPW is that the opening match is always a good indication of what the rest of the night is going to be like. Usually they start off really well and then absolutely blow you away by the end of the night. Slightly worried then when they blew me the fuck away in the opening match because how the hell was anyone meant to beat that?

El Ligero is always so fun to watch in the ring, he’s amazing to watch and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice last year. From the disrespect at the beginning of the match to some of the crazy shit that happened Penta absolutely contrasted the fun and heroic, in his way, El Ligero. The Fear Factor to the apron on El Ligero was absolutely crazy and I nearly lost my laptop which was resting on my lap as I jumped up and screamed.

It was such a good match, really made you wonder what you were going to see later in the night. El Ligero got the win with a C4L and it was a much deserved win.

Winner : David Starr

The match was meant to be BT Gunn vs David Starr but Gunn came out and basically told the crowd he couldn’t be bothered and left. Really think the whole Prestige thing is amazing and was a great move for Gunn. I loved Starr vs Scurll at Exit Wounds and I’ve been so impressed with Slater since he’s had to go into singles competition so Gunn’s replacement and the match we got was actually brilliant for me.

The whole match was wrestled in top gear, Slater didn’t let up, it was said in the middle of the match that Slater didn’t waste a single motion and it was true the whole match long. All match long they just didn’t stop and there were some beautiful moments from both, it was nice to see Slater able to keep up the pace and just kick Starr’s ass but Starr was able to slow him down and with the DDT in the ropes/clothesline combo he nearly took Slater’s head off.

Was sad to see Slater lose but the match was just a thing of beauty and ended with a kiss and a pat on the bum for Slater so you know not really a loss at all! Starr is so fun but I am just lost for words when it comes to Slater who is probably my favourite guy to watch at this moment. Watching him in the match was just a absolute pleasure. Guy is standing in the spotlight after being in the shadow (just a little bit) of Johnny Moss when he was tag team champion.

Winners : Drake & ???

So we’d seen during the night that Kennedy had a plan for Drake (and also confirmed Roxxy joining the team) but we never got to hear who his tag team partner would be, we also saw Roxxy and Drake take out poor little Alex Gracie before the match even started and just after a Manwich with their new mascot Mikey Mouse.

The things those two did in front of Mikey Mouse was just horrible, do they not know he’s too innocent for these horrors?!

So to begin with the match was just Lucas Archer vs Drake, Archer seemed to have a problem with his leg and was soon taken down by Drake after a good start. Not long after that a motivated, yet also hurt, Gracie appeared with Prospects mascot, getting the tag into the match and exacting some revenge on Drake.

The whole #Prospect2Orlando thing kind of started off slow and has picked up speed, especially now that they are the lovable idiots who have been dropped by their manager and kinda just being picked on. Its like watching bullies in the playground and whilst before it was funny seeing them struggle to get to Orlando now you 100% want them to make it because you want to see the bullies get what is coming to them.

Sadly Prospect lost, and lost another £100 in their funds, when their mascot turned out to be Kennedy, possibly the sexiest Mikey Mouse you’ll ever see. Just like all bullies it wasn’t just good to beat their opponent but they had to humiliate them so they were taken down by their own move and pinned by Kennedy which…. Makes Kennedy a winner. A winner over the two sweet little idiots he dumped.

Added a great deal of sympathy once more to Prospect and a lot to the whole story.

Winner : Viper

Bea Priestley has announced that she’ll only face someone for the women’s title AFTER they’ve beaten the monster that is Viper.

I love watching Viper beat the crap out of people. LOVE it.

Kay Lee Ray was smart and from the start tried to take down Priestley as well as Viper, the problem is that Viper is so strong the second that KLR tried to get on the offensive it was very easy for Viper to pick her up and end any momentum going.

The smart thing in the match I think was making Viper look strong and untouchable whilst also having Priestley out at ringside getting involved WITHOUT EVER making KLR look weak. It had everything in it yet you still came out of it thinking how will someone beat Viper, yet KLR didn’t look like she was helpless out there and it is easy to forget that Priestley was a ever present nuisance.

It makes whoever gets past Viper look strong, makes Viper look like the monster she is and Priestley look good. Lets not forget when she was “champion” all that time with the stolen belt she faced anyone who came at her so this isn’t Priestley being a coward but her showing contempt to the other women. Its such a fascinating state for the women’s division to be in.

Winner : Joe Hendry

I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again. There is nothing about Prestige that ISN’T cool. Their music is cool, they are all awesome on the mic and every single one of them are mind blowing in the ring. They are my absolute favourite thing on WCPW at the moment, probably my favourite thing in wrestling at the moment.

Whilst Hendry came out and gave his now usual grumpy speech, Gabriel Kidd who is now 22-0 came out to basically tell him to shut up. I thought it was great to see Kidd so focused on getting the first win, he really didn’t let up on Hendry at all at the beginning and I loved seeing him just so aggressive. Like Liam Slater before him he didn’t waste a single second that he was on the offense. Every move was picked to put Hendry down.

Unfortunately for Kidd it isn’t so easy to put Hendry down. The Prestigious One was able to change the momentum a few times to put a stop to Kidd’s barrage. I think it was great that Kidd didn’t tap, he was put in the Hendry Lock twice and once rolled out of it and the other reached the ropes, it ended up taking a low below and a Freak of Nature to put Kidd down.

Great match but I’m dying to see this streak of Kidd’s end. It has to end. Sometime. Surely.

Winner : Rampage

Rampage just can’t be in a normal match anymore can he?

You think anyone could outdo Rampage and Primate well Bad Bones might just be that person. The match was, in my opinion, worse then any of the matches Primate was involved in, it was just 101 ways to brutally attempt to murder Rampage. The thing is Bad Bones was pretty unstoppable, he was slammed into two interlinked chairs (he interlinked them) and kicked out at two, he was then Superplexed onto a pool of chairs (that he put there) and kicked out at two. The ending kind of ended up being a bit disappointing, yet still fucking brutal, when he got hit with the Piledriver from Rampage.

There were so many nasty moments though, the baseball bat was used to great effect first to beat the hell out of Bad Bones and then as part of a Cross Face on Rampage.

Another just horrible match for Rampage. He’s on his way to fight for the Championship in Orlando IF Kennedy can’t find anyone else to try and murder him before then. I don’t think anyone stands a chance when it comes to beating Rampage in any normal kind of match at the moment.

Winner : Travis Banks

Huge fan of both Banks and Williams but I didn’t really like the match.

I mean I did like it, I loved watching Williams just taking Banks apart. It was a masterclass from such a legend. Every time I saw Doug Williams live last year he left me speechless and he just didn’t miss a beat in the match.

Just, you know, I kinda wanted to see more from Banks. Like Banks whole Prestige thing is that WCPW higher ups wanted him in a angle where he would work with Williams and idolize him and call him dad or whatever so you kind of wanted him to show absolute disrespect and disdain for Williams. I think we were meant to get that by him attacking Williams before he got into the ring but it didn’t work. Sometimes simple is better and a slap before the match started would have probably done a better job of showing that disdain and disrespect. The fact he then basically got his butt handed to him and kinda lucked into the win took a lot of steam out of Banks and his part in Prestige.

Even though Hendry didn’t have his match all his own way he came out of it looking good. Banks just didn’t and it should have been easier making him look good then Hendry because Banks disrespecting and being a ass to a legend like Williams should be so easy to get across.

Winners : Swords of Essex

I spent the whole match in tears. How many times have I said that Scotty Wainwright (formerly Essex) deserved to be a star? Seeing him in WCPW has always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So how fucking stoked was I to see my boy Kelly Sixx there?

If you haven’t seen anything I’ve ever said about Kelly Sixx, if you don’t know much about Kelly Sixx, just scroll through my tag of him on here. The guy is one of the most entertaining, innovative and just downright fantastical guys to watch. This tag team proved it. What is scary?

This match was so good but it wasn’t even the start of how good Kelly Sixx is.

And this match was good. I’m not just biased because I’m a huge fan of Sixx, Wainwright and even Dunn (I’ve seen him once or twice and he’s always impressed and I thought he was the standout in his tag team) because Twitter exploded with praise for this match. Any match with Will Ospreay is a fantastic match but the SCC went out there and really proved they deserved this spot. From them not taking any shit from the Swords of Essex, to the beautifully choreographed moonsaults (Sixx to Wainwright from the apron to the floor and Dunn’s standing one to Ospreay in the ring) to just the fast paced interaction between the four of them it was a breathtaking showcase of two outstanding tag teams.

So many times I thought they’d actually beaten the Swords, even though we’d just found out the Swords would be facing Prospect, Liam Slater and Matt Riddle and the Young Bucks at Bullet Point (and Ospreay beat up poor Jack the Jobber when he found out) I really thought they were going to blow our minds and have the belts change to this young team that was just debuting.

Honestly WCPW need to keep their hands on Sixx because that guy is golden. Hopefully I’ll get to see him at least once more down this way before he disappears for good just to tell him in person how seeing him basically 12 months after the first time I ever saw him go out into a WCPW ring and blow everyone away just made me the happiest person alive. I said that he had potential and he never gave me reason to doubt him. We’ve been lucky to have him for 12 months down here in Pride and PWA and I’m proud as hell to be his fan (and Scotty’s, always said Scotty would be a superstar.)

Winner : Joe Coffey

It didn’t have the usual Martin Kirby sparkle but that was probably down to the much more aggressive Coffey who sadly couldn’t beat Kirby on his own though.

I’m not sure why they had Coffey need the assist to win but it was a damn good match up to that point. The absolute aggression on Coffey’s part was great and Kirby being able to do what Kirby does best and survive whatever is thrown at him worked well. Of course the Zoidberg Elbow was attempted and failed but he hit with the Sable Bomb and would have got a three count if Gunn hadn’t pulled the ref out of the ring which gave Coffey the chance to put Kirby away with whatever the hell that submission was.

Do love how silly Martin Kirby can be at times though I didn’t like the credit card bit too much but he always has me giggling at least once during his matches. Its real strange to see him back as a wrestler and not being interrupted by Jack to run the company too, something I guess we just have to get used to again.

For me the worst part of the match was that it came on after the tag team match, I was still jumping around texting people about how great Kelly Sixx looked to really be that interested in the match. In that respect it was a great match to have on between THAT tag team match and what we got for a Main Event.

Winner : No Contest

I say it all the bloody time but Cody Rhodes is probably the greatest wrestler on the planet right now. The amount of anger I used to throw at WWE for holding him back has turned to pure joy at seeing him on the independent scene kicking butt.

This match has to be my favourite so far, and its hard to pick because there hasn’t been a bad one yet, because him and Riddle were just crazy into it. The beginning when Cody matched Riddle move for move, just the fluidity of it all and how easy they both made it look was breathtaking to watch. The funny moment with the test of strength between Cody’s fingers and Riddle’s toes was hilarious but didn’t distract from anything. Cody had a masterclass of his own with Riddle being able to keep up with him, Cody really needed to pull something special out to beat him.

In fact I don’t think Cody would have beaten him to be honest.

Personally didn’t like the absolute no sell of the Cross Rhodes, I’m not like super against things like that but I just didn’t like it much, specially as he kicked out of one later on. The hyped up adrenaline filled Riddle was fun to watch and when it looked like it was just about to get batshit crazy Prestige came down and fucked up the ending for the fans.

Easy way to make everyone want to kill Prestige. Like I like Prestige but at that moment I was swearing at my laptop and found myself not liking that Prestigious One very much. Whilst Riddle had been untouchable for a few minutes Cody seemed to have just hit that peak too and they were going to take it up another level so you know… I still love Prestige but ohh in that second I wanted to slap someone.

Cody is still the absolute best wrestler in the world right now in my personal and very humble opinion but boy was Riddle impressive. More then impressive, dude blew my mind. I believe Pride have him at their Weston-Super-Mare event and even though Weston is a bitch to get too (I had to go there for my induction to my new job) and I probably can’t get back the same day from there I might have to find myself up in Weston for that show.


So like yeah… This is for you James, my one and only fan, I decided to use my normal local wrestling format to make you feel at home.

It was a fantastic show. I became a fan of WCPW’s when Scotty joined them so it isn’t like I’ve been a fan for long but I’ve fallen in love with the company and WhatCulture ever since. They get better with every show and they have some amazing talent. I am a Extra subscriber obviously and very happy to give them money for quality wrestling (and other crazy shit) and I’d honestly recommend everyone who likes good wrestling spending money to see shows like this.

Never will I stop praising, crying and generally just blabbering on about Scotty Wainwright and Kelly Sixx. To have them in the same match and just hearing other people talk about how impressive they are fills my heart with joy. Whilst I’m just a little late to talk about Scotty now he’s been there a while I honestly can’t tell you how you haven’t even seen the beginning of what Kelly Sixx can do. The guy deserves to have eyes on him. He’s incredibly talented as this show proved, he works his ass off and he’s one of the nicest guys in the world. He also has one of the coolest t-shirts in the world too which I proudly own even though my dog put a hole in it the second it was delivered (I also have a bandana and got permission to wear his wrist band at work, so you can say I’m a huge fan of his.) I really am constantly voting him as man of the night, in matches of the night and making sure everyone who is listening to me (not many but hey whatever) that he’s good enough to make it big.

Well there he was. He impressed lots of people and should be fucking proud of himself. Was in tears seeing him compete and shouting at my screen like I was there.

The tag team match was the match of the night for me, the main event ended perfectly really but anything that makes me angry at Joe Hendry, Travis Banks and Joe Coffey can’t be a good thing.The tag team match was just perfect, I enjoyed every second of it. Ospreay is one of the best in the world and him and Scotty are just interesting and entertaining personalities so from the promo at the beginning right to the closing moments of the match itself it was highly entertaining and just like a piece of art.

Man of the night was only ever going to be Kelly Sixx (I’m so sorry to Ashley Dunn because I have seen him before and I’m 100% sure he was my favourite in the tag team he was in, also pretty sure I banged on about how impressive he was but I haven’t seen him as much as Sixx) guy calls himself the King of Performance and proved it tonight. See him live people! I’ve been watching him live for the past 12 months and every single time he takes my breath away, he’s also posting free dates on Twitter so make sure to give that tweet a re-tweet because I doubt he’s going to be free for long after people see this match!

If I go away from my long standing support for Kelly and my absolute joy at his debut it would be Liam Slater. I said he’s becoming one of my favourite wrestlers right now and that is just because he’s slowly closing all gaps in his wrestling so that there is no hole there. Whilst before he’s spent too much time to transistion from moves in this match it was just flawless from start to finish. He is a bloody fine singles wrestler so whilst I’m excited to see him tag with Matt Riddle in this big tag team match up I’m also kinda sad because even though I wanna see him and Moss again at some point I just want to see how far he can go as a Singles competitor in WCPW with Moss out.

Similarly, and because I’ve never talked about WCPW on here before so thought I’d give you this wonderful bit of insight, I love Gabriel Kidd for the same basic reasons. With Kidd it really is a learning curve though, its part of his story and the 22-0 streak is a story that fans are so very into. Well…. 23-0 now. He’s slowly getting to the point where there isn’t a gap in his offense so you can’t just try and wait for him to make a mistake anymore and he’s getting so close to that win that even me as a fan of the Prestigious One felt bad when he lost again. Its just such a pleasure to watch him and Slater.

Will I review any more WCPW events? Who knows. As only James wanted it I don’t know and as the last remaining reviewer on this blog until Lucius returns in April to help with the Spring Anime Season I don’t know if I’ll have time. Everyone should watch WCPW though because regardless of what you think about WhatCulture, the personalities on WhatCulture or their involvement in the show WCPW has some of the most amazing matches you are ever going to see. The tag team match, Rhodes vs Riddle, Ospreay vs Galloway from Exit Wounds…. I mean I ‘m not naming anymore because I’ll be here forever. Don’t look at it from a silly point of view, look at the talent and enjoy it because it is just good wrestling.

And for my one fan and all the people who actually pay attention to me (all 5 of you not including the other members of this website) it is officially Scotty Wainwright’s fault I’m obsessed with Adam Pacitti because if he hadn’t gone to WCPW I probably would never have found out who he is. So absolutely all of you can stop telling me to shut up and stop sending you links to things about him and blame Scotty instead.

6 thoughts on “WCPW : Chain Reaction”

  1. If I honestly have this much sway over you where are my WWE weekly blogs hey? I’d even be happy just for SmackDown and PPV coverage to come back.

    Chain Reaction was very good. I was real excited to see Kelly Sixx debut as I have followed your blogs since last year and you always speak highly of him, never did I think we’d get what we saw though. Wow he is something else isn’t he? Makes me even more determined that I have to see Eddie Ryan as you were right about both Sixx and Wainwright and the praise those two get is nothing compared to Ryan!

    Do you think Ryan has a place in a company like WCPW?

    Why do you like the Prestige so much? Is it just because you like the wrestlers in the group?

    Now that you’ve had time to think do you still think Banks vs Williams was a bad match?

    Who do you think Kidd should win his first match against?

    Most importantly why are you so in love with Kennedy?

    You asked for my 100 questions to return so there they are 😉

    1. Wooo I love answering my only fans questions!

      No I don’t think Ryan would fit into WCPW as much as I’d like to see him there. I dunno down here Ryan is one of our ‘big’ guys but they have guys like Rampage, Bad Bones and Primate up there. Whilst Ryan had a fantastic match against Drew Galloway last year and I will go on about him being robbed till the cows come home I just don’t know where he’d fit in. Maybe at some point there will be a place for him but right now I’m not sure. That isn’t to say I don’t think he should be there but with their current roster I can more easily have seen (and just saw) Kelly Sixx or Grayson Reeves going up to WCPW then Eddie who if anything would slot into a Joe Hendry kind of place.

      They are a stable of my favourite WCPW wrestlers but I kinda just like bad guy Hendry. The thing is it doesn’t matter what he says he has the charisma to make you want to listen and to care about what he says in whatever way you are meant to care. I think they are a interesting group to watch because it has so much talent there. Then again I also don’t like the way Chain Reaction went for them.

      It isn’t that I thought the match was bad, and it ties into what I just said, I just think it was structured wrong. I feel like they tried to incorporate a little of what we might have seen if we got the Banks story they were going to do into the match but it didn’t help Banks at all. We’ve all seen how good Banks is and we wanted to see him stand toe-to-toe with Williams and fight him whilst showing how little he cares about his legendary status. Instead Williams schooled him and Banks got the win randomly. Would have preferred if Gunn had come out to help Banks then Coffey and would have MUCH preferred if we had got to see a lot more of Banks in the match.

      I actually have no idea who I want to see Kidd win against if I’m honest. It has to be a tough opponent, I don’t want to see him up against someone who would look easier to beat if you get what I mean. He’s been so close in matches with some of the best in the world right now that I’d like to see him win it against someone tough! I’d like Kidd to be the guy who really takes it to Prestige and forms the head of the fight back against them. Obviously they are going to probably get their butts handed to them by the Bullet Club after attacking Cody Rhodes but I would like to see Kidd be the guy that ends up bringing them down. You see the streak is too high at the moment that you kinda don’t want him to go much longer without a win but I’d like to see him struggle to a re-match with Hendry and beat Hendry. Just they lay the groundwork for Kidd to make his way back to Hendry but its hard when the streak is a losing streak because how do you fight your way back up? I guess fighting the other members of Prestige and losing because they cheat or them just taking him out of matches etc and Blamps could feel sorry for him and create a No-DQ Hendry/Kidd match with stupid stipulations and all that. I dunno though, I just want him to win TBH.

      It isn’t that surprising surely?! I love managers, I’ve said it a million times. Why do you think I’m such a big fan of Keizers? He isn’t the greatest wrestler but he’s one helluva manager! Kennedy is just brilliant, I’ve loved him and his group since I started watching WCPW, I adore the storyline with Prospect and think that a lot of why people care so much now about #Prospect2Orlando is because of how well Kennedy has played his part in it. Like seriously dude, you are my only fan you should know my obsession check list and Kennedy seriously ticks nearly every single box.

      As always I love my 100 questions. I do my best work answering your fucking questions!

      1. Well my next question might be a obvious one but why didn’t you like how the Prestige was at Chain Reaction?

        I think I get what you mean by Banks match and Gunn’s interference in Coffeys but isn’t that all just a part of showing how they don’t give a damn about the company?

        I think Hendry vs Kidd happening a second time would be cool but if the Bullet Club do focus on taking down Prestige because of what they did to Rhodes and manage to do so then surely it would be absolutely pointless to carry on Prestige in anyway? They’d have just been beaten spectacularly so what would the point be? Plus none of them are in matches with the Bullet Club members so I doubt we’re going to see that happen.

        Is there anyone from down in Pride and PWA that you could see going to WCPW any time soon? Or just in general?

        1. I don’t know. It started off really well with BT Gunn not caring, it was OK in the Kidd/Hendry match but I thought they made Banks look weak and Coffey look silly. Coffey don’t need no help to overcome a challenge and personally I thought Kirby could have had his ass kicked and the story be for him to have a bit of ring rust from the GM duties. I mean it didn’t have to be a squash but you coulda just had Coffey beat him fair and square. Banks just needed to come across as being better then needing a mentor and being better in his own mind then a legend. It didn’t come across that way and for a serious match with serious commentary felt kinda flat. You just kinda wanted them to come out and be the dominant force you want them to be.

          I dunno I see them interrupting the Bullet Clubs matches and the Bullet Club interrupting their matches. To be honest I don’t really know and haven’t put much thought into it.

          Not really. Thing is Scotty from the moment I saw him was destined for great things, guy was too good to be stuck down this way forever. All the big companies are up north and I knew he’d make it. Sixx after watching him improve over the course of a year by the end of 2016 I knew he was ready to be up there with the big guys. Like seriously there was nowhere else he was going to go.

          Right now probably guys like Grayson Reeves, Jason King, Eddie Ryan and Vini Clay are the ones I can see becoming big on the Indie scene but three of them need more time and one of them I think might get overlooked. Fuck it I know Eddie Ryan gets overlooked because he deserves to be better off right now. Grayson is probably the one closest to Kelly Sixx in terms of outright talent and personality. Jason King has it all but I don’t see it translating to something like WCPW then again I don’t see him having a problem making his gimmick friendlier to a wider audience. Then again I am gonna be selfish and say I don’t want them to go anywhere, they need to stay down here forever.

          Dick Riley maybe?

    1. Yep dude, its in my drafts. Sorry we have a big anime push going on with two series that are starting their second series next month (or like in a week) and we had to watch nearly 40 episodes/OVAs and review them. I’ve only just finished editing the first 25 episodes of Attack on Titan, finished this weeks episode of Chaos;Child (which is the penultimate episode but is so back logged like hell that this episodes review isn’t being published till the week after the whole fucking thing ends) and about to quickly write up the One Piece Manga review which was actually due out yesterday THEN I’ll get on with finishing Bulletproof which is gonna have to make up for the fact I ain’t going to Torquay Wrestling or PWA this weekend or even getting to see the World Cup Qualifiers when they come up on YouTube because I’ll be at work. Bummer really.

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