ChäoS;Child : Sumo Sticker

Episode 2

Whilst waiting for the next murder to happen the gang start to investigate further into other clues that link all these so called suicides together.

So the only real lead the guys got from their visit to crime scene three was a Sumo Sticker posted on the wall outside the window of the guys room. Other then a stuttered conversation with Arimura which got them no closer to finding out why SHE was in the room the only thing they have to go on are these stickers that just so happen to be at all the murder sites.

I liked the fact that there still isn’t really a reason why they are obsessed with this case but it damn well looks more like they should be in some sort of conspiracy group then the newspaper. There isn’t really any investigation going on and they put out a video that then gets used on a podcast/news thing that makes them slightly infamous. None of this is true research though and I haven’t seen them do a single thing towards writing a newspaper or even a article on this particular case themselves. The lead itself doesn’t really go very far, the podcast gets a load of comments and they get a slight hint that they might want to look at the hospital for answers to who created the Sumo Sticker but its a vague hint that doesn’t really mean anything and they hand wave it away for a moment with Itou running off to research the hospital.

Like seriously what are they truly going to find? The comment was simply the designer of the Sumo Sticker is in the hospital they know nothing else.

They do try and do some actual investigating though by putting a camera across the road from a wall covered in stickers just for Takuru’s adopted… Kinda… Sister Kurusu to go and pick up the camera and be attacked. We’re left on the cliffhanger that she might be dead but I doubt they’ll kill her off in episode 2.

It fits a pattern though. I said in the episode 1 review that they’ve shoved a load of characters in our faces and acted like they were our best friends and we should just know them and everything about them. None of them have any real personality and we haven’t been let into any kind of reason why they are all so interested in this case above all else. Again whilst I too am interested and can see why kids would be interested I just don’t see it being a school newspaper group that gets that involved in it all.

I feel like I was right about Takuru too. He seems to be one big cliche. Nervous around girls, running away from home because of over the top things. The thing is he himself doesn’t come across as this emotional, over strung person. He is just a very boring character with this crazy story behind him that just continues to bore the living hell out of me.

As a group the characters are fine. Takuru needs Onoe and Itou to balance him out, Kurusu herself is a full character but whilst she feels like someone you’d care about you also feel like she’s only a full character to try and fill in the emptiness that Takuru is. Like seriously the whole hinting that maybe Takuru feels that way because of a dark and brooding past is laughable. He’s just boring as is the other two if you don’t have them together.

I won’t even go into the other three, the detective the school girl in a lab coat and the person they are with.

Again it felt like they stretched the Sumo Stickers thing out for the whole episode without ever getting to a point.


Again if I hadn’t had to sit down and write about it I would have been telling you how wonderful it is. I could hardly wait to watch episode 3 and then had to analyse what I just saw and sat there thinking actually…. There wasn’t much to it was there? I’m really enjoying the series and writing about it and seeing how bare boned it is doesn’t take away from that enjoyment else I’d have stopped writing and watching but it isn’t really a show that you can sit down and discuss. Oh the essays I wrote about Kiznaiver and Death Parade, even Slice of Life and comedies have a bit more oomph to the episodes that leave you something to talk about. This just feels like it spends a lot of time spoon feeding you information at great length.

Do I care if any of these characters die?


Are any of us any closer to knowing what is going on?


But when we DO find out what is going on its going to be hidden in a long winded speech about things we don’t care about.



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