Youjo Senki : The Battle of Fjord

Episode 7


It seems Degurechaff has managed to do the exact opposite of what she wanted. She wanted a cushy job in the fear away from the fighting and has ended up being the most important attacking weapon her army have.

Sometimes being too smart for your own good isn’t the best thing. Hence being too smart for your own good…

I think we saw the saddest part of this anime in this episode.

Degurechaff is in some kind of war against God and has put herself in the army for silly reasons. She cares not who wins, or she does only because she’s chosen a side and wants to live a happy and long life. She doesn’t have any real stake in it because she’s a man reincarnated into this body too preoccupied with their own survival to become part of the world they now live in.

Anson Sue cares about his country, he fights with pride for it. He has a family who he loves and who loves him and gives him a gun before heading off to safety. He prays to fucking God to help him defeat the devil in front of him and because the devil in front of him pissed God off she was the one that got the Miracle protection not him.

Its a grimly ironic ending to the character who was actually a sweet guy from the looks of it. They say you do as you must in war and he was there to protect the things that meant most to him. Then the gun his daughter gave him was taken away by Degurechaff who happily was able to watch as the Empire took over the Entente Alliance, stopping it being a war on one front by attacking from behind and taking them by surprise. After the credits we were told that the Entente Alliance were all but done for after that attack and it truly did turn the war for them.

Rerugen, Rudersdorf and Zettour are a trio not to get on the wrong side of. I’d be freakin’ terrified of them if I did, they know that they have a weapon no one else can really defeat. Zettour doesn’t seem to be impressed by how they won the battle, or maybe he just looks that way in general, whilst Rudersdorf understood it meant they controlled the war against Entente. Now they really don’t have to worry too much about that side of the map Degurechaff might have just won them the war.

I’m actually pretty upset by the way Anson Sue died, dude didn’t deserve to go the way he did. Specially not praying to God who is in some stupid game with Degurechaff. If she gets special treatment someone who actually had faith should get something too right?!

It wasn’t a pretty way for a character to die.

With the Entente all but defeated I wonder where they are going to focus next. The Rhine apparently still has its problems and they haven’t even thought about looking at the United Alliance or whatever they are calling the UK as far as I can see. I want to see Tanya try to take their version of the UK, that would be interesting.


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