One Piece : Meeting

Chapter 858

Well Luffy has decided he’ll go and talk to Bege and see if they can co-exist in a plan to stop Big Mom wiping out the Germa. As I suspected Sanji can’t bring himself to see his family destroyed just because he has feelings and they don’t so its now Luffy’s mission to save them.

But Bege though?

Honestly this is getting good now. I was a little bit apprehensive about it when it kind of turned on its head again but I’m loving the look into Bege and his family. Not even just that its the feeling of it turning into a Mafia story instead of just a pirate story right now. Its just cool, and like how Bege was re-introduced and you kinda slapped your forehead and went “of course he’s still around” the same happened with the reintroduction of Caesar who Bege was ordered to keep a eye on and who is now calling the shots with Caesars heart.

Its a funny get together but I’m happy that the meeting kind of showed the three personalities of the big players in this game really well.

First up I think its important not to forget the biggest part of this chapter. Both Chiffon and Praline seem to be in on what is happening, Chiffon definitely is and Praline and the rest of Jinbe’s crew seem to know what is happening and keeping Pekoms at bay. This proves once more that Big Mom’s family isn’t built on love, those who probably have less empathy or have just survived so far without any drama or who themselves haven’t found love (like Brulee) are loyal to Big Mom who can find a use for them other then just marriage, but someone like Praline who seems to genuinely be in love with her husband and then Chiffon who dared to be Lola’s twin and have the wrath of Mom brought down on her because Lola isn’t there to take it don’t have any kind of bond to their mother.

I think its important because I have been musing whether or not Pudding herself will turn on Big Mom. I don’t want her to be in love with Sanji and I definitely don’t want her to do it for him but I think she’s just like her mum and I think she’d shoot Big Mom to take over the group herself. After all this is going to be the best time for her to do so with her mum working on her own plot, with the gun at hand and all eyes on their duty to kill the Germa.

Just because Pudding doesn’t show outright dislike for her mother doesn’t mean that any number of Big Mom’s children could be out to get her.

So I think that was the biggest and most important thing about the chapter. Showing that Big Mom doesn’t have the control and love and loyalty she might think she has.

In other crews we’ve seen the loyalty. Blackbeard has brought together the strongest allies he can and they seem to respect him, Shanks treats his crew as far as we can see like family, we don’t know much about Kaido but I’m guessing people stick with him for fear and respect, he can’t kill himself so what is the point of trying yourself?

Big Mom’s crew mainly relies on her children and her bonds with others through her children. We have seen three who have turned their backs on her and one who was outright killed by her. We’ve seen the fear, we’ve seen how cocky her kids are and we’ve seen that at least one of them is outright planning on killing her.

So for a crew that is based on family ties the fact that we now know that her family actually think so little of her, and she of them, she’s actually the weakest of the Yonko because whilst I think the other Captain’s crews would fight for them if one or two kids stand up to her I think the others that don’t like her much will be much more likely to turn as well. But it won’t just be a few crew members turning on her it will be whole pirate crews because those kids will be married to strong and fearsome pirates who will choose to down Big Mom over sticking with her. If the tide turns on her its going to epically turn on her.

The rest of the chapter dealt with how they were going to work together.

Bege is very laid back as a Mafia boss tends to be. He knows how to pull the strings and he doesn’t care what the other two want as long as they work together. He’s smart enough to know that fighting right here and now isn’t going to help and too many people know what is happening to start a fight. Then you have Luffy who is a hot head and looks at the world simply. He’ll join the plan but he wants to punch Bege for hurting Pekoms, he’s the firey weapon I guess Bege was hoping for. Caesar is a reluctant ally but he’s got his back to the wall and if we’ve learnt anything about cowards in the One Piece universe with their back to the wall its that they fight harder then you could imagine to run away again. Look at what Buggy and Number 2 managed to do to get themselves out of Impel Down? Caesar might always have a eye on the way out but he’ll protect himself when he needs to.

Its looking worse for Big Mom by the second.

OF COURSE there is always the chance that Chiffon is bluffing and she’ll turn on Bege herself. You just can’t tell with Big Mom’s family but I feel like Lola she’s a honest soul and what was done to her wasn’t fair. Bege seems to have accepted her as part of his family so being accepted after being outcast in a way for the way you look would make you more loyal to those accepting you. Who knows though? Who knows?

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