ChäoS;Child: Digital Native

Episode 1

We had a recap of Chaos;Head to start us off so now that Chaos;Child has started how was it?

So we have a new group of characters 6 years after the events of Chaos;Head who work on the school newspaper. They are currently investigating a series of apparent suicides that just so happen to coincide with the murders from 6 years previously.

By the looks of it the crazy horrible deaths will continue with one guy cutting his own arm and eating it and a girl cutting open her stomach and putting a CD player in it. Its strange though its even stranger why a school newspaper is investigating this so thoroughly.

Investigating to the point that Takuru the club president and Onoe actually are looking out for any potential next crime scenes and just so happens to appear at one when the third murder/suicide is taking place. This time some sort of interesting contraption that basically takes a mans head off. A gruesome murder that the main character has to witness and its only episode 1.

Strange that after getting into the building and witnessing all this the police just let them go, stranger still that after that horrific incident the two of them are so happy just to have their video footage still. Which is a point I have to say I absolutely adored the whole sequence that they animated as being taped on Takuru’s phone. I don’t watch that much anime and have to say it was something I’ve never really seen before, it gave the episode a really cool feel of being this big horror thing. Really creepy though I feel it didn’t have a true jump scare that the scene deserved.

The anime as a whole has a bunch of bland characters and it truly is the mystery that makes you want to keep watching. I feel like they forget that people coming into this aren’t going to know these characters, I don’t know if they were in Chaos;Head though with 6 years passing between the two series these guys would have been little children back then but it feels like they want us to know these characters a lot more then we do.

When it comes to the murders though I feel there was a slight set up, again maybe banking too much on people having seen the first series or the recap episode and being able to fill in the gaps, I also feel like it prolonged certain factoids so that it could fill the episode up with not much of interest.

Whilst watching it the anime is something you won’t take your eyes off but at the end of the episode you realise a lot of that is because you are constantly being bombarded with information or else there is that one cool scene that you remember afterwards. If I wasn’t writing about the episode I probably would have found it one of the most amazing first episodes I’ve ever seen but having to extrapolate what I actually learnt and how I felt about characters and scenes other then the third murder I realised there wasn’t much more too it.

The murders coincide with the murders from 6 years ago. We learnt how two of the victims died and saw how the third died. We know the police are calling them suicides but these kids who don’t actually have a reason why they are going full out Scooby Doo on this mystery know differently. We don’t know anything about the kids but the feeling is we’ll know every heart wrenching thing about Takuru sooner then later and I feel its going to be one cliche after another with him.

Other then that it was a good episode.

I do feel sometimes having to review series makes me dislike them more then I would if I didn’t though. Erased was one such anime, having to dissect it to pieces after each episode just left me angry at the world in general and I feel this will be another like that. I can see why they become super popular or why they are so good but because I have to then write about it I tend to over analyse the hell out of it and lose whatever it was that made it special. Maybe I should stop that.

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