Youjo Senki : Beginning of Madness

Episode 6

Kyouki no Makuake (狂気の幕開け)

Tanya now has a Battalion at her beck and call. Its not going to be a good thing for anyone who has to face her.

Things take a turn for the worst in the war. Degurechaff and her Battalion are sent North to show off their power and help break down the sides on which the Empire are fighting. Like WWII they have enemies all around them, problems with supplies and really need to start moving their front lines or else find themselves failing. Having been born after our wars in this universe Degurechaff understands what is happening better then the people planning things though it seemed they managed to avoid getting the invasion of Russia wrong knowing full well they have to pull back because they don’t have the supplies.

They unfortunately for their enemies have one thing the Germans in our Universe never had though and that is Degurechaff.

Using her Battalion they are able to make a statement of not just intent but power. Of course its war and all the people involved in war tend to believe they’ll be able to combat everything but you are starting to see the strain on all sides in the little bits showing the different leaders, generals and so on. One has been promoted only because his superior officer has been killed, as he pointed out it proves just how badly they are doing that no one else is around to be put in that position so he’s just been promoted instead.

Degurechaff is getting too confident in herself to be honest.

Again the Miracle works for her as she prays to Being X who makes his most snazy of appearances to date taking over the body of a dead guy to give the haunting message to Degurechaff that she’s facing enemies on all sides.

Both personally and universally this is true. Whether Degurechaff knows it probably actually means personally more so then globally I don’t know. I don’t think she’s worked out that Zettour doesn’t seem to trust her or that Rerugen doesn’t like her much. I don’t think she realises that outside her Battalion who she’s kind of brainwashed into believing she’s the person they should follow she hasn’t got many friends. She’s been warned that people don’t like her but she doesn’t care.

Its a lesson you’d think she’d learn after being killed in one life by someone she pissed off that it is probably better to have some friends then always being the person pissing people off.

Her Battalion actually seem to be real relaxed under her though which is dangerous for their foes and them. She pushes them hard but their victories come too easy at the moment and if they see the things that she does they will become complacent.

I can’t tell what is going to be her downfall, I really hope she does have a downfall. I mean I love her as a character and love that they just let her be evil and twisted but a character like her has to learn humility at some point or die without it, I can’t see her living through this war and living a happy life, Being X won’t allow it. She’s not stupid enough to not see that Being X is moving things along his own way to put her in positions where she will be forced to find faith. The thing is the more he pushes the more she pushes back and the more its going to end up in a stalemate.

Then again she thinks she can just kill Being X so you know….


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