ChäoS;Child : Chaos Head

Episode 0

Out of all the things I decided to watch this season Chaos;Child was the only one with a previous season. Thankfully it seems that I don’t need to watch Chaos Head to get into Chaos;Child because Episode 0 is a recap/review of said series.

It was a recap. As you guess it was rushed to show what happened in a anime that itself was 12 episodes long.

Instantly it was really interesting, probably cutting a lot of the fluff and unneeded stuff out and just flying through gory deaths and crazy moments for who I guess was the main character.

Having not seen the series and not really knowing what Chaos;Child is going to be about I wasn’t too sure what we were getting out of the recap of the original series. There had been murders called the New Generation Murders and a guy who was seemingly going crazy and being very paranoid. I felt like it never really got to the point which is probably the point of it, if you haven’t seen it all it was doing was showing you bullet points that probably have importance in the new series, if you did see it it’ll just remind you of said bullet points and your memory will fill in the blanks.

If the new series has anything like the horribly gross deaths of the first season then I’ll be on this series like you don’t know. It isn’t that I have a thing for gross murders or anything but usually there is some really interesting reason for them happening.

As it was it made me more interested in seeing Chaos;Head then Chaos;Child because of course you don’t know how the two are going to match up to each other. Plenty of sequels lose that unique edge, is there going to be more murders? Is it just going to be a look at what happened in the first series? Who knows and this didn’t really go into what was going to happen.

Chaos;Head w


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