Youjo Senki : My First Battalion

Episode 5

Hajimari no Daitai (はじまりの大隊)

After backing herself into a corner I guess we’ll have to see if Degurechaff is able to make her own plan work or not. It will really test just how smart Degurechaff thinks she is.

I loved how she tried to put it all off by a simple trick that no one seemed to pass. It was so obvious after Serebryakova turned up that she’d have to do something clever, unfortunately it only brought them a little bit of time. Once again Degurechaff’s own downfall is her belief in herself.

After being told to make the entrance test easier she picks a Battalion and then takes them out for training hoping to scare them all off, instead she just conditioned them to be used to her and her horribly torturous ways which in turn is only going to make them more of a nightmare squadron.

Its hard sometimes to tell with Degurechaff whether or not she really is enjoying all this war stuff. You get the voice in her head saying that she wants to be safe but that look she gets just tells me otherwise. She seemed to love being in charge of a bunch of morons who believed everything she spouted at them, they get real cocky in this episode or at least she does when they get sent on their first mission AGAIN only because she’s not seen the folly in being so confident all the time.

Her new Battalion not only destroy a oncoming army but they attack the capital city without any harm coming to them.

She herself knew that the whole country was unprepared for war and used them as a training mission for her people. Its a smart move but also an extremely sad one because it shows how evil she is and by the end how she’s probably going to corrupt the people around her. She never wanted to negotiate or talk things through, she was never going to take any prisoners or let anyone live. She was out to kill them all and when she tricked them into thinking that their invasion was a kids prank by using a cute little girl voice her Battalion didn’t seem too worried about going about killing people even though they knew that the whole place was under armed and in no fit state to fight against them.

Degurechaff is digging her own hole the longer she goes on. There hasn’t been a mention of Being X for a while so I wonder if she’s starting to forget about all that. She’s starting to actually incorporate herself into the world she’s now apart of and  the war between her and a spirit who is trying to force belief on her is second to the war she’s slowly making herself the major player in. She knows what’s coming because of our own history but she’s also moving the goal posts faster to a wide spread world war whilst making everyone confident that the only thing they need to survive and win the war is her. She’s got Zettour who seems to act as if she’ll succeed or die trying, a divine being of some sort with the same thought and Rerugen who thinks she herself is a devil.

I think the only person who even see’s her as a person is Serebryakova. Everyone else just see’s her as the biggest threat to humanity they either have or have to face.

She might just win the war on her own with her Battalion.


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