Youjo Senki : Campus Life

Episode 4

Campus Life (キャンパス・ライフ)

Tanya has been sent to university so once more is safe away from the Front Line. I have a feeling though that Being X has other plans for her…

It looks like it isn’t just Being X who has it out for Degurechaff.

She does well at university as she does everywhere. With her adult mind inside the body she’s able to realise the best way to the top. So when General von Zettour asks her for a chat she see’s it as the opportunity to reach for the stars.

Whilst I still think the story is pretty light and it isn’t something I think I would have enjoyed watching weekly I feel there is more intrigue now in this chess game that Degurechaff thinks she’s playing then anything else. With one eye on keeping herself safe and another on playing games with people she constantly misses beats that she probably shouldn’t.

In the last episode she lost out to Being X and ended up with a cursed Jewel that makes her have to pray to him to keep safe. Out of the battle she gets comfy and then second guesses herself constantly in her talk with Zettour. Instead of trying to be logical and to be honest use her knowledge of our universes wars to her advantage she backs herself in a corner where she has to say something courageous. Not thinking what the consequences are she proposes a squadron of Mages that would be able to be deployed quickly to where they were needed. The second she said it I knew she’d end up leading the squadron after all she is the armies top mage.

Suddenly you have to wonder if she actually is as intelligent as she thinks.

Not only does she back herself into that corner she was the one that created that corner. At every turn she wants to out play Being X and keep herself from harm yet she keeps turning towards the burning building shouting screw you at Being X at a very fast speed. People keep asking why she’d join the army, of course her logic is that she’d have to and she’d be in a good position for life. What happens if she can’t help her side win this war? What if there WAS a better life out there for her? She never bothered to search for it because she was so interested in bettering Being X and leading a soft life safely elsewhere.

Well now not only has she had two of the most dangerous jobs she could have, test piloting the Jewel and fighting on the front lines, she’s CREATED a third even more dangerous job she’s now in charge of. She’ll get her promotions alright but she’s going to have to work for them.

Its like a battle of chess and Degurechaff thinks she’s so clever.

She isn’t. She’s about three moves behind Zettour and a good five or six behind Being X. Not only that but Rerugen seems to be out to get her so might steal a few of her pieces just to prove that she ain’t all sweetness and clouds and a brave little girl going to battle.

In fact all the anime has shown so far is that Degurechaff is brilliant at making enemies.

She probably wants to focus more on killing them off though as she’s not doing a good job of out smarting them.


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