Youjo Senki : Deus Vult

Episode 3

Kami ga Sore wo Nozomareru (神がそれを望まれる)

It didn’t take long to find out who Tanya Degurechaff really was and now we also know that it will be a bad idea for anyone to piss her off. With two alright episodes I’m hoping things spice up a little in this episode.

Who cares about the war when the war between Tanya and Being X is so much more interesting.

We’re still moving in time periods at the moment. Starting off with how Tanya ended up with her Jewel and why we saw her praying to God in the first episode. After being sent to test a new more powerful Jewel which won’t work Being X blesses it with a Miracle meaning that as long as Tanya praises him it’ll work the way its designed to work.

Its a interesting concept.

Forcing someone to believe something until they truly believe it, the question then becomes can you truly believe something if you are being forced to?

Degurechaff now needs to praise God every time she uses the Jewel whether it be just to fly at a alarming height or fight and defend herself. I agree to a point that people who have nothing tend to cling to belief of something greater because they have nothing. Those who are poor, sickly or unlucky need something to believe in to get them through the day sometimes, its why I have no problem with religion on a whole because I know that it truly does help a great deal of people regardless of how I feel about it. Those people had to find their faith yet and you can laugh at people who tell stories of finding their faith but its their own personal story of how they had to find it. Degurechaff isn’t going to get that story because she’s SEEN and SPOKEN to God she’s SEEN a Miracle and yet still doesn’t truly believe it. She’ll never have faith because she’s now been poor, she’s in trouble in a war and yet she still doesn’t actually believe so forcing her to pray isn’t going to make her believe.

I’m wondering if it’ll end up with her becoming so used to the Miracle and so positive it’ll work that at one point Being X is going to put her back against the wall and the Jewel won’t work. I personally wouldn’t say that was proving she had faith but it would be a eye opener for her. She isn’t happy in any way because she’s still trying her hardest to get to a safe and powerful position and Being X isn’t making it easy for her. She underestimates just how crazy humans can get in wartime and doing logical things whilst forgetting that someone somewhere isn’t going to think the same way she does. The Miracle is now a part of her thought process but she is technically every time she uses it proving that she believes that Being X is real and that this “miracle” is real. It is now her reality whether she wants it to be or not. When that is taken away what is she going to do? Talk to a being she doesn’t truly believe in? She’ll have to admit that it was all real.

I don’t know it’s interesting to see where it all goes.

For me though its a very vengeful God I’m more inclined to believe its a demon then God or even the Devil because it does seem to be spiteful. I do wonder why Degurechaff hasn’t really questioned why God would be so all consumed on basically either making her believe him or else killing her because that really was the deal. Find faith and don’t die before then.

Being X’s scenes are always so cool too.


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