Death Note : Performance

Episode 21

Katsuyaku (活躍)

L is getting desperate so he’s turned to Misa to help him figure out who Kira is in the Yotsuba board group.

The episode highlighted Misa.

We see some of the intelligence that she showed when going to find Kira in the first place as well as the obvious stupid bravery the girl has. Like honestly the way she charges on ahead no matter what is stupid but she also manages to use her brain. I feel a little sorry for her, the girl is so blindly in love with Light, even when she couldn’t remember why she was in love with him she was so blinded by it that she just did anything to make him happy. Its such a one sided thing that the girl is putting her life on the line for.

To be honest I think I’d personally like her better if she wasn’t obsessed with Light.

The way she acts is sad and it makes her look dumb. She’s actually rather switched on and knows how to use her personality to get what she wants.

Anyway the Third Kira is found in this episode. He’s tired of being Kira thinking its boring, but he’s also given away a clue to Light that he isn’t the original Kira in so much that he’s just killing people who commit crimes. We do get a answer to the question of what kind of criminals Kira was originally killing as Light says they were all convicted of crimes and they weren’t done in self defence or were excusable in any way.

I really liked that moment because its like the lights are turning back on for Light. The more he studies Kira the more he realises he probably is Kira.

As for the new Kira his own Shinigami is now working against him. Rem takes a piece of the Death Note and touches Misa with it, once again making Misa see her. In as short a period as possible Rem tells Misa what she needs to know and Misa herself figures out a plan all on her own.

Her plan is to get Higuchi to admit to being Kira when she’s recording him on the phone which he does.

It was a very clever yet simplistic trick though it makes you wonder what L’s next step is going to be. I don’t know how much of the recording she showed them but surely L will be able to figure out enough to have some questions and new theories from this all?

Thanks to Misa the whole thing has just suddenly gotten a lot more interesting.

I think the best way to see Misa is on her own away from Light. She isn’t quite as quick as the boys but much more practical then them. Whereas they can play mental tennis with each other easy enough sometimes they get stuck in their own little world.


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