Youjo Senki : Prologue

Episode 2

Prologue (プロローグ)

Episode 1 introduced us to the war, to Lieutenant Degurechaff and to the evilness that is Tanya Degurechaff. It was a OK first episode, nothing special, so it’ll be fun to see where the story goes.

Diving into the story of who Degurechaff is didn’t take too long and its a lot more weird then I thought.

Instead of just having a sadistic kid in the army it turns out this is one mans fight against God as the original Degurechaff is just a normal working bloke from Tokyo in this universe who was killed after laying off someone at work and angered God. After telling God only those that have nothing and are in dire straights believe in something as foolish as a God he gets reincarnated as Tanya.

The scene where he is talking to God/The Devil/Being X whoever it is/was might be one of the coolest scenes I’ve seen for a while on any show. It saw time stopped still, Degurechaff mid fall into the front of a train whilst God talked to him through all the people/animals present at the train station. It was unnerving and one hell of a conversation, I found myself watching it with baited breath. There was no movement just a conversation between a unbeliever and a God who they angered.

Brilliant stuff.

To then have him narrate over the early years of his life as Tanya was interesting. We learn he’s from our universe and this is some other universe, that the war does indeed have similarities to our wars and that he’s on the German side in it and plans on not letting his side lose like they did here.

It then took a very funny spin.

He’s a career man, made a living by living by the book and not caring when he had to do things that hurt others. He wasn’t a killer even though to be fair his actions might have ended up ending people’s lives, you never know and it isn’t really important, he isn’t the kind of person who wanted to be a sadistic badass little girl in the middle of a war. In fact when he found out he had magical aptitude and that this meant at some point he’d end up in the military he just went straight ahead and volunteered himself. He wanted to move up the ranks away from war and away from being a brave solider but a training mission gone wrong left him in the middle of a battle.

His smart ass got him in deeper when he was told he wasn’t allowed to leave the battlefield so he went about making himself look brave whilst eliminating himself from the battlefield. This just made them believe he was a badass and as we know from episode 1 saw him sent to the front line where he didn’t want to be.

I loved it. I thought it was hilarious. Kinda disappointed that he had to be a dude reincarnated as a girl, would have been equally as good if the character from our universe had been a female. As I’ve always said things like this don’t really bother me but I can see why it bothers others and how it does take away a little from a female character. Tanya is as sadistic and badass as they get, knowing that she’s actually a adult from another universe trying to survive doesn’t stop her being a badass. That adult could just have been female.

Really enjoyed the episode but I also feel like there is going to be some point where it turns into something less interesting. Its nice to know Tanya and how she got to where she is, its interesting that there is a battle between her and God but there was very little story in episode 1 and then we go back in time in episode 2 so if episode 3 is story bare again its going to start becoming tedious. You want a story to grip you whilst at the moment this only really has Tanya gripping you, I have little interest in the war, the other characters or even the universe itself. The magic side to it is quite tame and boring whilst the reality side is pretty but bland. At some point you want something more then just this person doesn’t want to be here and doesn’t want to die to hold onto.

Some really great moments in the episode though.


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