Space Pilgrim Episode 1 : Alpha Centauri (104 Minutes Played)

Brought in a bundle with the other 3 episodes, Space Pilgrim see’s you play as the captain of the Quicksilver, Gail Pilgrim, as she tries to get three passengers to their destination.

It is never that simple.

The game isn’t long, that is reflected in its 90p price tag on Steam, but it sure is a fun game to play.

Made with RPG maker it isn’t really a RPG in any sense, its a Point-and-Click game in the classic RPG style full of the usual Point-and-Click humour and head scratching logic. Whilst its a short game with small maps and not many characters it still has its moments where you feel you’ve clicked on everything and done everything so why the hell aren’t you able to proceed? Like all Point-and-Clicks when you hit that wall its time to open the inventory and attempt to combine everything you’ve picked up so far into the super item you need.

If I had to compare it to anything its like classic Final Fantasy meets Red Dwarf.

Gail is a wonderful character, a little ditzy but brave and honest. All she wants to do is her job of transporting three people from point A to point B, unfortunately anything that could go wrong does go wrong. The thing is Gail takes it in such a cheerful and logical way. She doesn’t panic, she doesn’t go over the top and she isn’t even like superhero type levels of brave. She is the Captain of the Quicksilver and its up to her to sort shit out.

Of course she needs a side kick…. Which is actually a rude way of talking about the other lead character, also female, Sabina who with her quick wit and sharp tongue is able to point Gail in the right direction at all times.

Between the two of them they defeat a terrorist, save the Colonel and find out the mysteries on a mining ship. Both get to kick ass in their own way and the whole way through there is this fun relationship building that ends with Sabina joining the crew of the Quicksilver.

Its fun, its short, bursting full of fun and well developed characters even if you don’t see them that much. It plays off of all the action/sci-fi/fantasy tropes whilst coming up with something unique and fun. I said its like Red Dwarf, the humour and the way they kind of just go from silly situation to silly situation with one of their biggest weapons being Gail’s ability to just do things. Its the kind of adventure in space that Gail didn’t want but got forced into and stumbled through without ever getting hurt but without ever really knowing what was happening. Its a wonderful story.

I have yet to play any of the other episodes and together they might make one long and interesting game but it won’t stop me wishing that episode 1 itself was just that little bit longer. So much in the episode I was hoping we’d get to explore a little more, like the “broken” robots who have suddenly developed feelings. I can’t help but want to see more of them two, our time with them was short but wonderous.

One thing to keep in mind though is that half the achievements for the game are based on completing the game. Finish Part 1 get a achievement and so on. The OTHER half are small bits that are easily missed in each part. So in part 1 you have to log into Gail’s personal computer and see the message from her dad, in the last part you have to press the button on the conveyor twice to annoy the robot. It would actually be extremely easy to miss all the extra little achievements so for anyone who plays to complete games but might not have checked them out beforehand it could make a second play through necessary.

Have to say that story is so interesting that a second play through is welcomed. Whilst the game won’t change in any way its more like watching a TV show then anything else.

Altogether if each chapter is the same length you are looking at about 6 hours worth of witty, intelligent and interesting story based gaming. For Β£3 something that ain’t bad.

Really would recommend to anyone as its just a nice little game to sit back and play when you have nothing better to do.


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