One Piece : Rook

Chapter 857

Honestly you wouldn’t think that this story could get any more complicated then it already is. With the main group in the Mirror World and Sanji and Luffy back together you’d think this was the start of the fight back…

Little did we know even more schemes are being made as we speak….

So whilst it was nice to see everyone back together in a way, the Mirror World people talking to Luffy and Sanji through broken pieces of mirror, it was overshadowed by what is possibly going to be the next twist or the way out of this whole thing with Big Mom.

Bege has always been a member of the Worst Generation I’ve been interested in, bored with and intrigued by all at the same time. He is the gangster which I find boring but I always felt like there was more to him. Up till this point even though he’s been in the Big Mom arc I felt like he was overshadowed by the obvious big names of the Worst Generation (Law but that was obvious, Kid and Hawkins) but now we learn he might actually be one of the most dangerous.

I don’t think that he’s going to be any stronger then Law or even any of the others but he has a right bloody past that we’ve been introduced to now, a proper Gangster background but which makes sense. I didn’t really know how to take him pairing up with Big Mom but if I hadn’t guessed it was to get on the inside so he himself could, in a way, cut the head off of the beast that is Big Mom’s army then I really should have thought of it because its such a genius plan yet through most of this story I completely put Bege in the corner as a unimportant person.

Now we learn that he’s using the distraction of Big Mom’s own Red Wedding to kill Big Mom himself.

Its such a simple and devious plan that I really should have guessed it was coming but Bege is easy to forget about. I doubt he’ll be so easy to forget about now. It’ll be interesting to see if him and Luffy can actually work together for any length of time to put this plan into action, then again why would Luffy want to? After all he got close to Big Mom to turn on her why wouldn’t he be happy enough to use the Straw Hats as bait? We, the audience, already know from the last pages that he’ll kill Luffy if he annoys him in the slightest so it isn’t that hard to think that Bege see’s him as a pawn.

More fool Bege, I feel he’s going to be a damn sight smarter then Luffy is when it comes to being a devious asshole but you can’t beat Luffy or his crew just by cheating.

Jinbe is the one that thinks its a good idea, the majority of the rest have disagreed with it but Luffy being sensible enough to know his back is against the wall and also innocent enough to think that they’ll be able to work in harmony or walk their separate ways if not wants to go.

This I guess gives us the answer on how they’ll survive. Bege is suddenly going to be a mega part in this and it’ll be Bege and the Straw Hats who take down Big Mom. Even if it gets out its Luffy that does the taking out, because lets face it Luffy will take down Big Mom, it’ll be enough to cement the Worst Generation as threats and elevate Bege up to a threat equal to his contemporariesΒ which I don’t think he really is on their level at the moment.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


2 thoughts on “One Piece : Rook”

  1. So many people have thought of using Luffy but we all know what happened. Bege is also thinking of a you do or you die for him. But then this is Luffy we are talking about. πŸ˜€
    I’m so glad I can across your blog!

    1. Yeah I think Bege is going to have a rude awakening when he comes face-to-face with Luffy! Even Law approached Luffy taking him the wrong way just Law was smart enough and a good enough person to stick with it, Bege is gonna get his butt kicked if he isn’t careful.
      I’m happy you found us πŸ™‚ please feel free to come back anytime! We don’t always get the chance to reply back but we do read the comments and try to reply when we can.

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