One Piece : Liar

Chapter 856

Mirror World Straw Hats are up to full force and Sanji and Luffy have found each other once more. I honestly can’t wait to see how Big Mom deals with these flies.

Whilst I have to say the outcome of all this is obvious I have to say the reason it was so obvious is because these characters have becomeΒ so real its easy to see where they are going to go.

Sanji can’t stand by and see his family killed by Big Mom no matter what they’ve done, I knew that was coming a mile off, of course he’s still worrying about Zeff AND Luffy and co as well but even if Luffy got away safe and Zeff was just a ideal threat he’d never be able to let people go to their death like that.

I can see this whole story playing off a few ways. As I said a few chapters back Reiju could use Sanji’s example to take over the Germa and force her family to look into emotions, they themselves could decide that emotions might be something worth looking at. Again I said a while back that the Straw Hats are at their most vicious and dangerous when emotionally and physically put in a corner. The Vinsmoke’s are going to get to see that side to Sanji and Luffy very soon and they might learn a little about the raw power of emotions.

Personally I can’t see there being another fight between Sanji and his father which I feel is a little sad, I would have liked to see Sanji beat his father or at least one of his brothers but I feel they will learn the same kind of lesson that everyone else who comes into contact with the Straw Hats do. I don’t know it just feels like Sanji deserved some real justice, then again for the Straw Hats saving the day and having his family owe him a life debt then telling them he doesn’t want them to do anything for him might just be the justice he wants. I just kinda wanted to see the smugness beaten out of Judge.

Once again though I guess Judges smugness will be wiped off of him when Big Mom turns on him. For someone who sneers at pirates he sure does need the fear of one to help him and seems to be way too trusting.

I don’t think they realise that to be a Yonko a pirate has to be intelligent and dangerous. Sneering at someone that you are joining with because you need their power to be more dangerous yourself seems to be the height of ignorance and I hope that we at least get to see Big Mom put her foot down on Judge before Sanji is able to save them.

Just let the smugness be wiped from Judge please…


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