Chapter 855

Big Mom’s children have all proved just how stupid they are, the whole group of them have written off Luffy and the rest of his crew whilst planning their fight with the Germa.

The Straw Hats might not realise it but they have the upper hand. Hopefully it won’t be squandered.

I have to say I loved this chapter. It took a break from the real emotional turmoil of the Sanji story and focused in on the crazy adventures of the Straw Hat pirates as the group in the mirror world attempted to free Brook.

In between the silly story of getting him back though we learnt a lot about just how powerful Big Mom is. Just trying to sneak something out from under her nose when she’s asleep is bad enough, she thought there was a persistent fly in the room that she kept attacking at random, what happens when she’s face to face with that “fly” and ready to kill?

Whilst the Straw Hats celebrate victory as not only did they save Brook but they found out the silly skeleton had the rubbings of the Poneglph stuck in his head so that Big Mom couldn’t find them. Their plan has gone well and they are once again a little bit closer to being altogether. In fact if they could get Sanji and Luffy then their party would be complete and there would be a chance they’d be able to escape.

Of course that is if Brulee really is as helpless as she’s letting on.

Whilst she’s kind of shown to be that helpless in the episode, calling out for Big Mom’s help and all that, she’s also way too happy to be dragged along. You’d think she’d have tried to make a runner or something by now when the group were too busy, I mean it isn’t like the mirror world is a wide expanse and she just needs to roll out of one of the portals to have them all stuck completely in her world.

I feel there is more to come with them lot then we’ve seen so far.

As for the growl in the title I guess its Luffy’s stomach. Sanji is on the search for him just where he found him, of course the remnants of the fight that Luffy had after Sanji left are still there and its only the rumbling of Luffy’s tummy that points a happy Sanji towards his friend.

BrilliantΒ , LOVED the reaction of Chopper when he sneezed in Big Mom’s room and just the reaction all of them had to Brook opening his head up. Some really funny moments in there.


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