Anime Update

So most of you will notice our anime blogs have been sparce. They’ve all basically been catch ups of animes either long finished or which are still ongoing but we’re still a good deal behind on.

I am going to pick one or two of this seasons anime to binge watch and review, reviews coming out three days a week or something. So a lot of anime is going to be posted in a very short period of time.

As always we apologise but we feel we needed to do something for this season. I’ve just been extremely busy as have the others, I haven’t even really had time to THINK about the anime I’ve just been working and sleeping and trying to keep up to date with little things. We WILL be turning the anime posts off of Facebook as to not blow up people’s Facebook time lines with our reviews but will be keeping them going on the Twitter page and Tumblr.

So for anime fans it might be a yay, for others it might be a boo. Either way at least it looks like we’ve done some work!

Plus if there is anything from this season you think me or Lucius would like just leave us a comment and we’ll at least look at the first episode!

Thanks for sticking with us!


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