One Piece : What are you doing?!

Chapter 854

So Luffy is pretty sure he knows where Sanji will be and Sanji is suffering in only ways Sanji understands. The question now is are Sanji and Luffy on the same page?!#

Of course it might take the Straw Hats a while but they always do get on the same page.

Sanji, just like the other Straw Hats, is completely consumed with the thought of doing the right thing and saving those close to them. If Sanji lets Big Mom go through with her plan he’s sure Luffy will escape and that Zeff will be safe. It niggles away at his mind until someone comes and touches the food he cooked for Pudding, even though he’d tried to make a romantic lunch for her it had ended up being the crews favourite food and this dude just so happened to pick up the big bit of meat usually reserved for the Captain of Sanji’s crew.

Where is Sanji running off too?

Very obviously where he left Luffy with a ready prepared meal that is going to super power Luffy up so that they can fight the bad guys and save the day.

I feel the story is going to twist again, the brothers and sisters don’t look like they trust each other much on Big Mom’s side but most importantly I feel that Pudding is one to look out for. While I still feel she’s evil to the core I think she might help the Straw Hats after all to turn on Big Mom and take over the crew. I could be completely wrong but there is something about the way she is now that is unnerving, though it might be because at this moment we’re seeing her through Brook’s eyes and he doesn’t know what she’s said to Luffy and Sanji.

I’d be a bit put off if she’s the good guy all along and the threatening and shooting and all that was just a red herring or something.

The vast majority of the characters are back together now in the mirror world which is obviously going to be how this fight ends up being won. Sanji with Luffy is two thirds of the Monster Trio, Sanji is fine other then some bruises here and there and Luffy will power up after eating. The second they are cornered they are going to be dragged into the mirror world or else the others are going to come out to save them. Brulee doesn’t seem too worried but just maybe she should be after all they are all safe right now and hold a power greater then anything that could harm them.

I’d say the upper hand is really with the Straw Hats, especially as those now missing are classified as done for, Pedro “blew himself up” and Opera has lied about Nami, Luffy AND Jinbe.

They won’t know what has hit them.


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