One Piece : Not Here

Chapter 853

Sanji is being told to run, Luffy is making his way to his friend to save him from the fatal marriage that he is about to partake in. Everything is starting to blow up right in front of Big Mom’s face.

So we quickly get a glimpse of what everyone is doing.

Brook is caught by Big Mom, Pedro has been saved by Chopper and is now in the mirror world with them, they know that Nami is safe and with Jinbe.

Luffy on the other hand comes face to face with Reiju who tells him that Sanji isn’t in the dark about Pudding and what she’d doing which helps Luffy make his mind up. He’ll go back to the place where he said he’d wait for Sanji and everything will turn out alright, just Sanji at this moment isn’t going anywhere and its hard to figure out what it is that Sanji is going to do. I can only think he’d go to Luffy after all he needs Luffy’s power to help anyone and everyone.

Again its the simplicity of Luffy believing everything will go the way he thinks it will that makes the story so uplifting. All this shit is going down but Luffy truly believes that Sanji will return to the place where he left him and that they’ll sort this all out together. All that trouble getting FROM East Blue to where they are? Who cares?! Luffy will sail all the way back just to save Zeff and the other chefs.

Its not brave, it isn’t heroic. It can’t be because to Luffy it doesn’t register as being threatening therefore he isn’t doing anything brave he’s stating the fact he’d stop something because that is what he has to do to help a friend. There is no failure in his mindset, he can’t fail, even when he is failing he isn’t failing.

You know this is the turning point. Luffy isn’t angry anymore, he knows that Sanji isn’t being duped anymore and he’s certain that with all the facts Sanji is going to do the right thing and as soon as Sanji does the right thing Luffy will be fed and they can face the world together. It doesn’t matter that we the audience see the trouble his crew is in or know just how hurt Luffy is. We also don’t sit here seeing Sanji sit there going over what is going on in his head and think he’s going to do anything BUT cook a meal and go get Luffy.

Its this point in every single story arc that you really know that shit is about to get down because its the time that Luffy actually has a plan.

When Luffy is angry and thrashing around he’s dangerous but when Luffy has a plan he’s unstoppable.


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