Death Note : Makeshift

Episode 20

Kosoku (姑息)

Yotsuba is starting to get shifty. The people in the meetings don’t know what to do next, they feel safe but are safeguarding for the future when in actuality they are playing into the hands of the person they are trying to hide from.

They already have proven they aren’t as intelligent as Light on his own, lets see what they have in them next?

Morally the team come to a stand still.

L wants to catch Kira but knows that to do so he’ll have to do whatever he can to make sure he has Kira himself and not just arrest people at random. He’s figured Light out completely and is fully aware that there is a possibility that Kira’s abilities will be passed on if they just randomly arrest people.

Of course the others are on the opposite side of the fence. Being police at heart they want to stop as many deaths as possible and if that means arresting the 7 board members with the evidence they have and stopping the planned killings they over heard in the episode then so be it.

The only way out of this, as far as L can see, is for them to split into their own teams.

If the others aren’t going to even listen to him and bother him constantly with moral objections then he’s going to go it alone, or as alone as he can be when he’s handcuffed to Light.

This split then see’s L go to Misa and ask her if she minded helping. He’s desperate himself and wants to send Misa in to be interrogated by the board members, if he uses his alter ego of Coil to show that Misa has links not only to Kira but L then they might ask her in and they might be able to find the actual Kira. I loved that he kept dropping hints that she’s only in love with Light because he was Kira and that he knows that she’ll be quiet no matter how much she is tortured because she loves Light so much.

L really has managed to work it all out hasn’t he?

There are two problems for him obviously now.

Number one is he has no proof and number two is that he’s worked out that Light has lost his memory so even if he pushed and prodded at Light he’s in no state to react to L.

An intriguing situation to be in!


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