One Piece : The Germa Failure

Chapter 852

Again I catch up with One Piece just to fall behind again. With another good 5 or so chapters to catch up with we return just after Sanji learns the true plans and see just how he’s going to tackle his now FATAL wedding.

Its one of those chapters really that sets up the next move but which ultimately kills a lot of the tension. Its a different threat now, whether or not Germa fall in line when told what is going on it doesn’t really matter. Sanji is safe with the cuffs being duds, the only thing stopping anyone now is pure power.

Everything about Sanji’s story I’ve found fascinating and the last part of the puzzle, the reason he turned out the way he did, really does make for a interesting turning point. Reiju wants Sanji to leave and let the worst happen to the rest of Germa, she’s still got a small amount of emotion in her but she’s unable to disobey her father so as far as she’s concerned the sins that the Germa has inflicted on the world is worth their death, hers included.

She tells Sanji that the drug his mum took to stop him and his brothers from being emotionless led to her death and him feeling more then anyone…

Well regardless of his feelings for his family I don’t see him being happy just running away. He has his morals and regardless of the nasty things his family have done I don’t see him letting them die at the hands of Big Mom. He won’t let his sister die that’s for sure. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly Sanji does but one thing is for sure, Reiju is right about him never finding anyone quite as amazingΒ like the crew he has right now. I have a feeling that the Germa will be saved and we’ll see Reiju in charge and trying to beat some emotion into her family. I don’t see them being killed if I’m honest and I’m not sure Sanji truly would want to see any harm come to them, especially as he now knows the full truth of what his brothers are. His father sure maybe but Sanji truly is strong enough that without thinking about holding back he’d be able to beat his dad, if not him then Luffy sure will get some respect from them.

Speaking of Luffy, he and Nami have been saved from their bookish prison by Jinbe who has burned the prison down. Luffy is on his way to save Sanji from the wedding and as usual he’s being his usual hard headed self, he doesn’t seem to give a toss about anything other then getting to Sanji.

Big Mom has truly pissed the wrong people off, they might not be as strong on any given day to her and her kids but when backed in a corner all the Straw Hats truly kick ass. Like caged animals.


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