Angels with Scaly Wings (5 Hours Played)

Probably one of the most engaging Visual Novels I’ve ever played, Angels with Scaly Wings is a drama, mystery and dating sim all rolled into one and feature a world inhabited by intelligent, talking Dragons who you have to befriend, fall in love with and help solve the mysteries that jump up at you as you play.

My 5 hours of game play was one play through which after finishing the game turns out to be the bare minimum I could possibly have achieved. Well…. To be fair I didn’t achieve anything other then a bad ending and having to restart all over again…

There are a lot of things I loved about Angels with Scaly Wings but that one thing, the fact that I had to start all over again and WANTED to do so, is probably the indicator that this game was just something else.

First the premise.

You start the game as a human ambassador going through a portal into a world that you just didn’t know anything about other then some random messages from the first person through the portal that there were Dragons. You go there to swap PDA’s for Generators, you don’t really get too much of a background on what life is like for you and obviously no background on life for the Dragons.

After a day the other ambassador goes rogue, shooting his guard and going on a killing spree. Its up to you to stop him and get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding… Well… Everything!

What you’ll love about the game is that it is so detailed, every character has such a fascinating backstory, personality and way of thinking that you’ll just fall in love with the world that you are currently in. At first the walls of dialogue can seem intimidating but soon you find that you are so engrossed in it that you actually want more and more of it. By the time I had finished playing my first play through I had realised that I failed miserably at uncovering anything and was determined to go back and learn as much as I can about absolutely everything I can.

Even better news is that when you play it through the first time it gives you the option to skip the walls of text and whole scenes if you so wish. There is even a achievement for skipping forward. It means when you play again to romance another Dragon, look for other secrets or just not get every single person you care about killed you don’t have to sit there slowly skipping through dialogue instead making it disappear altogether. If you skip it you still get to change your small decisions when interacting with the characters, it won’t let you skip through any new dialogue so you can’t accidentally mess up. If you skip whole scenes then you don’t get the option to change your interactions but it’ll get you to bigger scenes fast meaning going for all achievements/relationships will be much easier then in other Visual Novels/Dating Sims.

It is so well thought out from the actual game play to the story that I feel I could get lost in the whole game for hours and hours. I said above but I got through my first play through on the bare minimum which left a load of dead bodies behind me and me neither saving the Dragons or the humans. It was the Bad Bryce ending, and just as I thought I was going to get to run off into the sunset with my big strong Dragon boyfriend he sacrificed himself for me.

As well as the main characters that you can’t help to meet there seems to be a whole load of background characters that you bump into at random that you can help, I bumped into Katsuharu and helped him, I also bumped into Kevin but didn’t help him, on the menu screen Katsuharu can now be seen every time I log in which is a nice addition.

This all shows one thing. Just how much has been put into the game, it isn’t just a simple game that you’ll get bored of its one with so many different mysteries, so many different things to do that you will keep coming back, it makes it easy for you to rejoin the game and not get bored of seeing the same old same old all the time, its one reason I’ve never bothered to replay the Draganronpa games, as much as I love the stories I just don’t see the point in going back to complete the achievements of getting to know the students better, then again I can’t remember if its easy to skip or not so maybe I’m being hard on that game.

Visually it is beautiful. The pictures are all really beautiful and it is accompanied by such a lovely soundtrack. Its easy on the eye and the ear once more making it easier for future play throughs as you don’t get bored or annoyed by constant sound.

I’d recommend that game to anyone who enjoys Visual Novels or Dating Sims but I’d also recommend it to anyone that enjoys story rich games or people who just like good stories in general. You feel unfulfilled the first time you play it knowing there is so much more that you need to find out.

Strangely I played the game about a hour before it updated to add the achievements to Steam itself, as of writing this they say that you should be able to sync the achievements you have in game to Steam by starting a new game, unfortunately for many it didn’t work that way but by the rave reviews of beta testers to the hard work the makers of the game have put in I’m sure by the time this blog actually posts it’ll be sorted. I was amazed therefore when taking note of the achievements, something I didn’t do in game beforehand not really going onto the menu/pause screen therefore not noticing that the game had achievements of any sort, that there were 40+ of them. Once more showing how terrible my play through was.

Go get the game for Β£7.99 on Steam. Absolute bargain.


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