Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Night Travelers, Dance

Episode 13

“Yakōjin, Ranbu” (夜光人、乱舞)

With the terrors of Twenty-Faces once more stopped its time for the Boys Detective Club to move on…

Move on without Akechi and Hanasaki.

Whilst Akechi obviously knows that Twenty-Faces hasn’t been captured and disappeared not to be seen after the incident, Hanasaki is half being blamed and half distancing himself from his former friends.

As Kobayashi extends a friendly hand, even if he doesn’t actually know that is what he’s doing, Inoue isn’t finding it so easy to either forgive Hanasaki or hide his disappointment like Ohtomo is trying to do. To be honest that kind of surprised me though, I know they are all teenagers and this has been hard but they aren’t all completely oblivious to Twenty-Faces and the games he plays so why they are angry at Hanasaki for being human and manipulated by someone like him I don’t know. I loved Kobayashi’s give no shit attitude and even Noro doesn’t seem to really care obviously understanding a lot more then the others.

The case was actually pretty interesting and in the end needed Hanasaki to solve. Someone had started posting up close and personal photos of celebs without being noticed, it turns out they have camouflage that makes them invisible and after a joke about the invisible man and remembering Ohtomo’s invisible umbrella Hanasaki is able to figure out a plan to capture the two guys behind the website, especially after they find a sudden interest in Kobayashi.

Its a nice change of direction and pace. Whilst the last 4 or so episodes have been very dramatic and extremely character focused that episode to take a step back remind the audience of the main purpose of these characters and set up for the second half of the series is important. Its taking its breath before heading into new stories.

Of course we still have the over hanging threads of Hanasaki and Kobayashi.

Whilst things have gone a little better for Hanasaki with his father now making time for him and worrying about him he’s also lost his friends and half the barrier of returning to where he really belongs is getting over his own stubbornness. The thing I love most about it is that its made it feel natural, its quite different from the character you thought you knew for 90% of the beginning of this series but that Hanasaki you knew and loved is still there with a natural human side to him now that needs to be broken down.

As for Kobayashi he still wants to die. He’s getting better though, he obviously cares for Hanasaki a lot and its funny seeing how he communicates to people and having to pick up on what he really means even though he doesn’t really know what he means himself.

Loved the episode and love that I found out that its got a second half to it and doesn’t end at 13 because after catching up with it it really has been one of my favourite animes.


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