Death Note : Matsuda

Episode 19

Matsuda (松田)

The title of the episode makes me sad. Matsuda in the last episode started to worry that he was a little bit useless so him being the title of the episodes makes me worried.

Matsuda really does just want to be helpful so when he gets a chance, whilst out being Misa’s manager, he sneaks into the Yotsuba headquarters and listens into their private meeting.

You have to feel for him. He see’s others who are more experienced put their skills to use and there he is being made to make the tea. Of course when given the choice he’s going to jump in and try his hardest to help, its human nature! Specially as what they are investigating is so important.

I like Matsuda so it was difficult to watch the episode though you have to admit that he was quick witted when needs be. He brought in Misa to try and sell her as the face of Yotsuba and when L told him that as they are connected to Kira he’s going to have to fake his death before they kill him he does it well and fast. In fact the rate at which they work out plans like this is amazing.

What they learnt from all this?

That there is a definite connection to Yotsuba and Kira.

That is it though. They already kinda knew that but now at least they have it confirmed.

As a whole the episode itself didn’t do much, it didn’t really develop the character of Matsuda who still really fails to do anything to help the investigation. To a point he’s even more useless now then ever before as now he’s faked his own death so can’t be seen by anyone who might know that he’s meant to be dead.

Whilst they had no concrete evidence they were barking in the right direction him hearing them talk about Kira obviously means to them they have evidence to suspect them, but its hardly changed anything. They were planning on infiltrating the group anyway just in case and a muffled over heard conversation by a former police officer sneaking about the building is hardly something you can take to court. So even though it now tells them as a group what they already knew it also doesn’t really help them at all. The concrete evidence they’ll find, if they ever do, will still come from the investigation they were planning on doing in the first place.

All his actions did was leave them a man short.

His job was to pretend to be Misa’s manager so that they always had eyes on the person that L is certain was the second Kira. Now they either have to lose another detective to do the same job or else lose eyes on her completely at times.

Not only that but with their focus now on Yotsuba and their Kira you have to feel like they might jump the gun.

If they get to the bottom of this whole thing will the detectives be satisfied that Kira is caught?!

Baring in mind that Kira wanted to defeat criminals and make the world a safer place will it not twig onto them that if Kira is now killing business men then there might actually be a third Kira? After all there has already been one “copy cat” as it where and if they figure out that they are killing criminals to cover up their business deals, even though we know that they are also killing criminals on Rem’s say so, will they not come to the conclusion that there is yet another Kira out there? The original?

Its a strange situation to be in and of course Light himself still has no memory of his Note Book of his time as Kira.

What happens next I really don’t know!


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