Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Shade by Haze

Episode 12

“Enmu Kageru” (煙霧陰る)

I think Twenty-Faces truly has his prey in sight now that Kobayashi has shown up. The big question is whether or not he knows enough about Kobayashi to grant him his wish of death.

There were too many stories. I think that was why I liked the last episode but didn’t really know what to make of it.

Twenty-Faces vs Akechi is a game that Twenty-Faces is using the kids that Akechi works with to mess with him. All that meant was that they tried to put a load of Kobayashi story and a load of Hanasaki story in together whilst leaving Twenty-Faces and Akechi at a stand off.

SOMETHING happened to Kobayashi whether it was being tired or emotional that stopped his protection from protecting him. A few bullets got close to him in the episode but it didn’t have any reason for it, in fact nothing was explained or even attempted to be explained and the fact it happened kind of went unnoticed or uncared for.

The brainwashing/manipulation of Hanasaki came to nothing really. My problem last episode was they built up this torture of Hanasaki and you thought he’d actually do something but it was very easy to destroy that and this episode he was perfectly fine, well a little damaged sure and ready to kill himself but I mean broken out of all that crap.

As a piece of drama the episodes work really well, it builds a emotional story and a lot of drama but when you look at what was happening its a bit of a muddle and it lost its way. I would have liked these episodes to purely have focused on Hanasaki because the emotional turmoil the kid was in and having to come to the understanding that he doesn’t understand the adults around him but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth getting to know even if they are hard to get to know. His biggest lesson has been that he can’t double think, things happen and sometimes its shitty like his father only wanting one kid and his brother running away and Akechi knowing that where he found his brother was no state to be reintroduced to Hanasaki. All these events lead to a coldness between Hanasaki and other people but its a coldness that doesn’t need to be there but is easy to manipulate if you know its there.

Hopefully this will lead to something better for Hanasaki in the future, he kind of deserves his family to sort itself out.

By the end of the episode Kobayashi was back to having his protective bubble and whilst Twenty-Faces left a double in the building so the police believe they have him he escaped promising to play with Kobayashi again one day.

Overall this story has been real good but at the same time its been a little too hectic.


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