Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Cruel Tool

Episode 11

“Zangyaku Odoke gu” (残虐戯具)

Well Twenty-Faces has his new toy and I guess his new toy will be the cruel tool. What happens when or if Akechi finally finds Hanasaki who is now fully in the grasps of Twenty-Faces?

They had Twenty-Faces sing the opening titles? Now that was creepy and cool.

I don’t know though. I don’t get what Hanasaki is feeling or what he is doing. The argument before him is easily proven to be false twice in this episode, both his father and Akechi prove their love for him by his father not even second thinking giving Twenty-Faces the codes and Akechi coming and fighting his way to him. I had a feeling throughout that what we saw of his brain washing wasn’t quite enough to stand up to what was being shown to him because he’s a intelligent character, emotional sure but still intelligent, but then afterwards I realised I don’t actually know whose side he’s one in general. Its hard to determine whether he believes in Twenty-Faces, whether he’s just played around to get to this point or who he believes in now.

Whilst I found it fascinating its only now that I’m starting to look at it and wonder if there is a step missing. Maybe seeing everything is one of the problems, Hanasaki going missing for a episode of undetermined time would have left a lot to the imagination especially if it came after the last episode, going straight into testing the brain washing powers and hoping he’d be a good little toy seemed reckless on Twenty-Faces part, even though he truly just wanted to get Akechi to come play with him, but now we’re kind of left with Hanasaki dangling.

In the end it looks like Kobayashi will be the one to save the day but I have a feeling there is something else to come that we haven’t quite seen yet.

A interesting string of episodes that I feel is trying to dive into the mentality of Twenty-Faces and Akechi whilst prying on the weaknesses of the kids in Akechi’s charge, we’ve already seen how well that works when Inoue got himself in trouble. It’ll be interesting to see where they go in the final couple episodes with it all, whether there is actually anything more to learn or whether this is just a game that needs to be won.

Plus with so little left and with the target really being Kobayashi as far as I can guess I’m guessing we’ll be learning a lot more about him and possibly see that Twenty-Faces have figured how to kill him.


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