Death Note : Ally

Episode 18

Nakama (仲間)

Light and L are now handcuffed together, destined to spend the rest of their lives handcuffed together until they can bring down Kira.

I think my absolute favourite scene so far is the fight scene in this.

Whilst Misa annoys me for a number of reasons I don’t mind Matsuda being a bit of a dummy at times because at least he does his stupid stuff for a reason. So when they watch L and Light fighting Matsuda has the smart idea to phone them and stop the fight but babbles on about Misa which gets him called out as being stupid. Poor Matsuda.

The fight started because Light and L can’t get on the same page. Light can’t see why L isn’t doing anything, he isn’t investigating as much as he used to and Light is annoyed, L basically admits that he still thinks Light is Kira and even if Kira can be passed on then he still suspects Light and in doing nothing he’s probably safest.

Whilst this might all play in Light’s favour in the long run it isn’t a good thing for the business men with the Death Note as they think that with criminals still being killed they will be able to go unnoticed killing their rivals, in actuality the fight spurns Light on to find something for L to investigate which actually means he figures out what is going on.

The problem with the business men having the Death Note is that unlike Light they are in the position to bribe their way into doing what they are doing. No sooner had Light worked out what was happening the police pull out of the investigation and from one of my favourite scenes to one of the most heartbreaking we have to see them all make a decision on whether or not they will stay with the police or with L. Aizawa can’t make a decision, he has a family that he needs to support but doesn’t want to run away from the job he’s been doing. It was a heartbreaking moment. Made even worse by L as always. His way of testing people just angers Aizawa who does leave and then calls L out on being a complete asshole.

To be honest this twist in the story with Light has made it much more interesting. I didn’t think it would but it has.

I loved how focused the group was at the end but it was sad that Matsuda started to feel left out, the guy just wants to help!


2 thoughts on “Death Note : Ally”

  1. Matsuda drove me crazy (even more than Misa). Mostly because technically he should be a professional and actually good at investigation (or at least competent). Misa at least has the excuse of being an idol so not being an amazing at thinking through strategies for avoiding police detection are kind of acceptable.
    Glad you’re still enjoying this.

    1. This is true. I think I find Misa less and less annoying as I get used to her. I think something I like about the show in general is that even the smartest of characters aren’t as smart as they think and for me Matsuda kinda knows he ain’t as smart as anyone else he’s around and in a way looks up to them all and finds himself star struck at every turn. Whilst he tries and fails he at least holds his hands up to it whilst I feel when Light does stupid or overly complicated stuff and then other characters don’t connect the pieces properly it infuriates me. Misa as a character just rubbed me up the wrong way to begin with but I am slowly warming up to her!

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