Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Innocent Scale

Episode 10

“Muku-naru Tenbin” (無垢なる天秤)

With all the fireworks of Episode 9 it’ll be intriguing to see where everyone is now that things have settled down.

I thought it would be easy to use the hatred and anger that Hanasaki had inside him but it turns out that he needs to be a little bit tortured before he comes around to Twenty-Faces, it isn’t even a question of good and bad in the end but using his vulnerability and need to find someone who loves and cares for him.

It was interesting how Twenty-Faces used the case where they found the people being kept in the facility to be organ donors against Hanasaki pointing out that saving all those people meant that a lot of kids had died because they didn’t get the organs, that grey area in between being a good person and those good deeds leading to bad things is a interesting place to put someone like him. After all as a teenager he isn’t going to be able to understand that area in the middle or have the emotional detachment to know that every single thing you do can lead to bad things down the road but that doesn’t mean you are suddenly the reason behind the bad thing. Letting something bad happen to one person because it might mean a bad thing for someone else isn’t being a good person but as a emotionally charged teenager knowing that helping people then didn’t just hurt someone down the line but killed a 10 year old and other children won’t make you feel like a good person either.

Then of course he used Haru. He’s in hospital, perfectly fine but with his purpose gone. There is nothing there left of him, everything he’d put his life into doing and being is gone and all that remains is emptiness. His feelings for his brother aren’t going to suddenly become a saving grace until he see’s Hanasaki and can come to terms with what has happened but right now he’s isolated and being left to brew in the finality of his lives work.

Seeing his big brother motionless and empty must have hurt Hanasaki who looked up to his brother.

Its that reason that Akechi had told Haru not to get in touch with Hanasaki and now its being used against them both.

Reminding Hanasaki at all times that Twenty-Faces believes that these guys are all toys to Akechi and that he doesn’t care for them is then brought to life in a way when through some kind of surveillance that he has set up he’s able to show Hanasaki a conversation between Inoue and Akechi, only the important bit where he praises Kobayashi for being more naturally a detective then the others and saying that Hanasaki isn’t a detective at all, of course he doesn’t hear when Inoue questions that statement and Akechi points out that of course Hanasaki isn’t a detective right now he walked out and its up to him if he wants to come back.

The thing is it is very easy with someone like Akechi to paint him whatever way you want because he talks in riddles and doesn’t show his emotion. He’s got his past and he’s learnt how he needs to handle that and then passes that wisdom down to the kids he cares for. Its easy when they are angry therefore to show the face of a uncaring man and paint him as a monster when in actual fact he loves all those kids and you can see in his face when Twenty-Faces dares him to come get Hanasaki that he won’t let anyone hurt them.

Again Hanasaki was the best character for this to happen to. His devotion to that club, his hyperness and innocence has been overbearing all season long. To see him be brought to his worst over three episodes and then in the fourth see everything he knows to be true shattered and twisted to turn him into a weapon against the one man who truly does care for him is just horrible. It was such a interesting episode and really showed a threatening side to Twenty-Faces I don’t think we really got to see till now. Again it works in his philosophy after all if his game goes right it’ll be Hanasaki holding a gun to Akechi’s head not Twenty-Faces himself so he can carry on believing he isn’t evil whilst Hanasaki does his dirty work.

Makes you wonder just what the plan is going to be next.

Kobayashi by the way actually has a near human moment in this episode, after finally making his way out of the rubble of a house he destroyed Inoue asks him if he still wants to die and it turns out that he enjoys being a detective but he knows one day it’ll end so he wants to die before it all ends. A interesting twist in his story.

Having not been too sure on the series at the beginning and finding it a bit jumpy in places with story telling it suddenly has become one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever seen.


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