Home (2015)

A film about a alien invasion. A film about not fitting in. A film about friendship.

Dreamworks film Home interested me from the moment I read about it, to the moment I finished watching it. The voice cast includes Jim Parsons as Oh (a Boov), Rihanna as Tip (a local girl with her cat), Jennifer Lopez as Lucy Tucci (Tips mother and known most of the movie as My Mum) and Steve Martin as Captain Smek (the scaredy cat leader of the Boov.)

On paper it looks extremely childish but that is only on paper my friends.

I will never be able to fully tell you how much I enjoyed this movie.

First off it was funny. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did but from beginning to end I was laughing. Everything from the Boov themselves to Oh learning about Earth and families to Tips exasperation at Oh and the Boov just made me laugh.

It gave the film a extremely positive vibe the whole time.

Secondly it made me cry.

No I am not joking. There are a few poignant  moments where if you didn’t feel like shedding a tear I’m afraid you are a monster (only kidding of course!) When you are left thinking that Oh has been run over even though he was doing the opposite of what Boov do and running towards their sworn enemy the Gorg to give them back what Smek had stolen, when you find out that the Gorg aren’t evil at all and that Smek had stolen the future of the Gorg as there was only one Gorg left alive and the stone Smek had stolen was basically their babies. Heck the second I thought Oh was leaving Tip on her own (he did he just came back) I was so angry and crying so much I had forgotten it was a cartoon movie and wanted to throw something through the screen.

It was that powerful.

Thirdly the characters just blew you away. You could possibly start off the movie a little out of it because its the voice of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory (of course you’d have to have seen the Big Bang Theory for that) and sometimes I forgot how old Tip was meant to be because Rihanna has such a adult sounding voice that she sounded like a 20 year old stuck in the body of a young teenager (actually I’m not sure how old Tip was meant to be, maybe that is the problem in general?) but you just love them.

Oh and Tips relationship blooms quite naturally and even though Tip tries to be strong and act like she’s older and not scared you kind of know she isn’t. You kind of just know that she’s acting up to hide how scared she is and she finds comfort in Oh even though she hates the Boov for what they did.

Of course what happens then is Oh learns from Tip and see’s that what the Boov were doing wasn’t right.

I mean the other characters are lively and fun (Steve Martin’s Captain Smek ALWAYS had me laughing and the moment I found out it was Martin doing the voice I wondered if he wrote the character because of some of the random things he was doing it felt so Steve Martin. And Matt L. Jones as Kyle was brilliant too and is probably my favourite character other then Oh and Tip) but in the end weren’t important in the big picture. It was the friendship of Tipp and Oh that you were so interested in, the bonding and the learning that both went through,

Its why I cried so much firstly when Oh left after promising to help Tipp even though you knew he was always only really using her and then secondly when he came back and was run over by the Gorg.

Those three things combined makes it a great movie. You are able to laugh, cry and fall in love with a load of over the top characters. There was not one little thing I disliked about the whole movie.

The story was just a road trip movie with a bit of a twist yet it never got boring. The aliens invasion just meant that there wasn’t any grown ups to bring sense into the equation so Tip and Oh were left to run wild over the planet.

The animation was brilliant and I think Oh is one of the most beautiful creations in this world. How he couldn’t overtake ET as the worlds most popular alien now I don’t know because he was just excellent.

It is the kind of film that Dreamworks does best. Family movies that really throw you through a emotional grinder whilst making you laugh and grin like a idiot the whole way through. They are movies you can watch as a kid in the innocence of youth then grow up and click to some of the more adult references. It’ll be a everlasting monument to our culture and society. It’ll never get boring, I could watch it every day and be so happy watching it.

A true masterpiece of entertainment.

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