Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Fallen Hero

Episode 9

“Kanraku no Eiyū” (陥落の英雄)

Hanasaki finally found his long lost brother whilst Akechi finds out the whole plot might have something to do with Twenty-Faces. It isn’t looking good for long lasting happiness between the group that’s for sure.

This episode was actually emotionally hard for me to watch, really it was. Such a great episode.

Its sad, I knew that the reunion between Hanasaki and Haru wasn’t going to be a good one and it wasn’t. With the shadows of Akechi and Mom falling on both of them it ends up with a shoot out and tears. Hanasaki can’t see beyond what is happening and reacts with all the pent up anger and sadness he’s had for losing his big brother whilst Haru himself has pretty much been brainwashed by Mom into believing this is the world he belongs in. It turns out she’s only in it for the money anyway and has been helped by Twenty-Faces all along to get away with a lot of money and screwing over the rest of the group but by this time the two young men are too angry and lost to care which of the adults are in the right and which are in the wrong.

Haru turns on Hanasaki because he believes that its his fault everything is going wrong, instead of logically seeing that announcing to the world their independence was going to bring trouble he see’s Hanasaki arriving as the catalyst for Akechi showing up and the group leaving him. Hanasaki is angry because Haru lets it be known that Akechi did find him years ago and after Haru and Mom said that he wasn’t Hanasaki’s brother Akechi told him never to see Hanasaki again until the influence of Mom had disappeared. It seems Hanasaki is too upset and angry to realise why Akechi would do that and it doesn’t help that the second Haru pulls a gun on Hanasaki Akechi shoots him to neutralise him, Haru gets shot once more this time by Nao when he picks the gun up again and goes to shoot Hanasaki and Akechi.

Its twisted and sad but you can see why Hanasaki is angry. At the end of the day he just wanted to be with his big brother, he probably thinks he wouldn’t have shot him and he’d be able to talk him around whilst Akechi and Nao probably realised that he was in more danger then he would ever know.

After being sent home to a unloving household, no one telling him where his brother is or anything at all about anything those emotions just built up in Hanasaki leading to a wonderful break down when he visits the office to hear nothing but praise for Kobayashi and suddenly its like Kobayashi has filled a gap he has left. It leaves him vulnerable, sobbing in a alley way and easy pray for Twenty-Faces.

The episode was so good because when you try and explain what happens you kind of look at it and go ACTUALLY Hanasaki is being a bit of a idiot but when you watch it you can’t help but fully be on his side. Everyone is keeping things from him, no one really shows him the support he needs and the only person who was truly there for him as a kid is gone again. This time there isn’t a hope of finding him once more and reuniting because its obvious the hatred that his brother now has for him is deeply rooted in his relationship with a man he asked for help and never gave it to him but if he had given it to him possibly could have changed everything in both boys lives.

Hanasaki was by far the most annoying character in the show. A adrenaline junkie, a over the top loud mouth who just kept ploughing on through the series. That really played well into the story and seeing someone who was so positive and happy and trying to teach Kobayashi the joys of life and having friends now flip completely to actually join someone like Twenty-Faces is so good.

Not only that but it all adds to this Akechi is the true evil thing.

Twenty-Faces suddenly looks much more like he has a point! The flashbacks to when he originally decided that Akechi was evil and he’d be different to him didn’t really do anything to me, his whole “you are evil because you killed people” stuff fell flat because I’m pretty sure not that long beforehand he was threatening to kill hell of a lot of people. NOW though you can see how innocent people can be brought to believe that someone like Akechi is evil.

Its the way you look at what they’ve done and how they’ve achieved it.

Lets say Twenty-Faces philosophy of not hurting anyone was at play at the building complex. Haru would have probably shot Hanasaki because he was angry and held him responsible for his lives work falling to pieces, Mom might have got away because if you aren’t going to shoot someone and stop them from hurting a kid in your charge you aren’t going to shoot anyone. Would that make Twenty-Faces evil? Instead someone like Akechi who learnt long ago you can’t bring emotions into it disarmed Haru to save Hanasaki, kept the gun pointed and was a true threat to Mom and now looks like the bad guy with blood on his hands.

It’ll be fun to see if we get to see Twenty-Faces work on Hanasaki and how his opinion truly changes because right now he’s not really got a opinion he’s just angry. It suddenly got a lot more interesting then seeing if Kobayashi dies.


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