Death Note : Execution

Episode 17

Shikkou (執行)

The most wonderful game of mental chess continues as Light seemingly has taken one step ahead of L in their game.

L doesn’t trust anything anymore so somewhere something has to give.

It seems that the plan has worked!

Light’s plan that is. L has only managed to make everyone else decide that Light is innocent.


Well it seems that Rem has given the Death Note to another person who is now killing people the way she’s told them to. Rem agreed to do this as it would obviously clear Misa and Light of any wrong doing.

It would be so simple if L wasn’t a genius.

Even when he concocts a over the top elaborate plan to prove whether or not the two of them are innocent he’s still certain that Light is Kira. The way he keeps Misa under surveillance and himself handcuffed to Light and also the way he questions Misa just proves that he’s not going to shift his gaze from Light. As I said though he’s now proven beyond reasonable doubt to everyone else that Light is innocent, especially now that there are more murders taking place.

The plan was silly and I cringed when I figured out what was going on.

Trying to force a confession by taking them to their “execution” when they didn’t get a reaction obviously it proved they were innocent. Of course we know and I think L knows to a extent, that their memories have been wiped. It made me cringe because it was a obvious way to prove innocence therefore it was a obvious thing that Light would have thought up. Sure we know that Light wiped his memory and that is half the reason he reacted the way he did but even if he hadn’t I think he’d know well enough to play along!

Back at HQ and unfortunately we had to deal with Misa…. Oh my goodness Misa. Just when I thought we might be rid of her she’s back and worse then ever.

At least when she knew it was one sided there was a use to her, now she’s just over the top and annoying and Light can’t even remember why he’s got her hanging around. EVERYONE in the room was fed up of her and her noise and I agreed so much with L when he asked Light to shut her up (politer then that.)

The whole team set out to find Kira.

Another small thing that I found fascinating was that L realised that Light’s personality changed. I thought I’d mention it because it was something that I said a lot. Even with limited knowledge of what he was like before and in the early stages of having the Death Note it was obvious that the power of having it corrupted his way of thinking. He’d throw anyone under the bus (sorry bus hijacker) to make his new world. Whereas no one really noticed it and saw him at face value, L was always able to see beyond the mask Light wore and I think that is a important part of why L can’t shake the feeling that Light is involved.


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