Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Paradise in a Miniature Garden

Episode 8

“Hakoniwa no Rakuten Chi” (箱庭の楽天地)

So Hanasaki’s big brother has declared his group of buildings are leaving Japan and making their own nation. I’m sure that’ll work out OK for him. Surely it will.

Its weird seeing Hanasaki out of sorts but it looks like the emotional scars left by his brother leaving him with their adoptive and by the looks of it unemotional father runs deep in Hanasaki. In a way I’m a bit disappointed there is a serious side to him that will slow his over exuberance down, on the other hand its a much needed break from his squawking every few seconds about nothing much at all.

It is a sad one, it seems not only was their adoptive dad unemotional and unloving but he only really wanted one of them, it seems he brought both just in case the older of the two was useless but as both did well he was going to send Hanasaki back to the orphange. When Haru found out he left so that Hanasaki wouldn’t have to leave his fathers house which was Hanasaki’s dream, Haru seemed to miss the point where I think Hanasaki mostly just wanted to be with his brother.

Loved how this then brought Hanasaki and Akechi together. In his attempts to find Haru he went to Akechi who refused to help, his refusal to help lead Hanasaki to trouble but also to give enough away to Akechi that his father didn’t really care. The plead to help him get stronger was seemingly what made Hanasaki part of the Detective club and now he’s face to face with his big brother.

Akechi is absolutely against going there until someone tells him to so they just chill at the headquarters whilst Hanasaki gets a tour of the country his brother has built and a introduction to why they have done what they have done. Seems it is full of people with pasts, whether criminal or victim it isn’t really known but looks like its just a place of peace for those that need escape. They are all tagged so that they can live within the city and anyone untagged that goes past the yellow zone will be warned off with warning shots from their defences. Its a interesting set up and a smart one and to be fair I don’t really blame them for creating it, a safe haven where you can just live the way you want to live. I’m not even too sure why the city care that much, it looks like these are people they don’t care for anyway so even with the big announcement that people just thought funny they could just leave them alone.

There is something up with the character that Haru calls his mum, or at least I feel there is but most importantly this all feels like a set up. Before Akechi gets the phone call from the police to go investigate he gets sent a replica of the money box that Hanasaki had when he begged him to find his brother. The money box was sent by Twenty-Faces so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that something really sinister is going on out of Haru’s sight just to bring Akechi there. Well he’s on the way and this whole story is now going over into three episodes.

I really do hope that Haru isn’t up to something himself and that there is a happy ending for him and Hanasaki because it would be horrible for them to be brought back together just to be forced apart again, that would just be sad.


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