Tickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Pure Tryst

Episode 7

“Kegarenaki Ōse” (穢れなき逢瀬)

Not even going to attempt to second guess what the episode is going to be about, obviously the titles mean little to what happens. Will be interesting to see what happens though and whether or not Akechi is back.

Right from the off the back and forth of the flashbacks of this episode distracted me from actually enjoying the episode. You couldn’t really get a moment to get to grips with what was happening at any given moment. One moment you’re in the present with Akechi and Nao then in the past then with Hanasaki and Kobayashi… There was no cue at all to anything it just kind of kept going and moving from place to place.

The story of Akechi and Hanasaki are interesting it was just a rather muddled way to tell the stories. Much more heavy handed was Akechi’s then Hanasaki’s as it was very confusing till the midway of the episode.

I liked that Akechi has a history and the message proclaiming him evil in the other episode was explained. The fact that he killed both his father and the man who saved him and became his second father is being used against him by Twenty-Faces who has declared himself better then Akechi as he isn’t going to kill anyone. I don’t think that can be true anymore surely? He very much threatened to have the hostages killed in the other episode and I’m sure he probably has killed someone along the way with his elaborate plans. Thing is its hard to put child Akechi and adult Akechi in the same picture as each other when the story is being told depressingly but in the present day Akechi is being his old self. It would have been much better if it was told like Hanasaki’s.

You see Hanasaki was adopted along with someone he thought of as his older brother, his father is rich and his brother has left home leaving Hanasaki as the “oldest” and probably the heir to whatever it is his father has to pass down. It was told in Hanasaki’s usual positive and hyper way which was perfect and made sense, there was no depressing flashbacks but the story set up for the next big story whilst we needed to know the backstory on Akechi but it could have been told in a much more eloquent way.

So the next story?

It looks like a group of buildings has declared itself a independent nation, this could mean all sorts of things but to me just sounds like a load of tosh. After all to actually become a independent nation don’t you have to legally go that way, I might have missed a threat in there or something but the guy issuing the proclamation seems to be Hanasaki’s big brother which is obviously going to lead to some fireworks of some kind.

I think the backstory of Inoue was much better told, Hanasaki’s is still being told and like Inoue’s will be covered in a part 2 but Akechi’s rich history and how he and Twenty-Face become the way they did deserved better then it got in my opinion. The choppy way the episode went from one thing to another is really depressing and I really wish that they had even just had a slight visual or audio cue that we were flashing from one thing to another. At one point right at the beginning some kind of dream sequence started with music behind it and it just made me sit there and think “what the fuck happened to the TV?” In the end all it did was make me much less interested in Akechi’s backstory.

I actually can’t wait to learn more about Hanasaki’s big brother though.


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