Death Note : Decision

Episode 16

Ketsudan (決断)

Who exactly has the upper hand? Light or L? Who knows but both are back on equal ground.

It now comes down to who can out think the other.

On one hand Light has his Death Note. He’s smart enough to figure out what he needs to do to outsmart L.

Then L  is fully aware that something isn’t right. When Misa wakes up and acts weird he doesn’t know why but he knows something happened. Similarly when Light starts acting weird after giving up his Death Note he can’t put his finger on it. When suddenly two weeks worth of criminals die after Light and Misa have been confined for over two weeks everything thinks he’s in the clear but L knows its a plot he just doesn’t have the final piece to figure it all out.

They say that two weeks worth of criminals have died but they don’t specify whether those criminals were named whilst Light was in confinement or beforehand. We already knew Light had thought ahead a long while ago to what would happen if he was confined and had a time table of names reaching far into the future. One rule we learnt this week was that The time and conditions of death can be changed, but once the victim’s name has been written, the individual’s death can never be avoided. I take that to mean that even when Light gave up the Death Note whoever he’s written in the book still will die. So its important to know whether or not the victims came from before or after his confinement.

Not sure what Light’s big plan is, when he relinquishes ownership of the Death Note does Ryuk take it? Or has he just left it somewhere in his room where he’d pick it up when he’s let out? Surely he wouldn’t as he’d be quite certain someone would go through his stuff so it has to be something else. I can’t work out his next step, he’s going to stay in there as long as L wants him to be in there so he has to have thought well into the future to make sure that everyone else’s minds have been made. I think L has him worked out, I’m not sure how much of the Shinigami/Death Note stuff he’s got worked out but I’m sure he’s got it figured. Everything L does is to bring down Light, he knew that spending time with Light will either get him killed or introduce him to the people he needs to know. I very much think L will die to win this game whereas Light isn’t so quick to end his life.

It was a fascinating episode though.

Was a little disappointed with Soichiro though, I know Light is his son and always felt he acted totally professionally the whole series though. Now though he’s just downright refusing to believe Light could do anything. Light is playing with their feelings knowing that they care for his father and that they wouldn’t want Light to be a suspect. I don’t know I just thought he had more character then that, at the end of the day Soichiro is now useless to the investigation. Whilst the others might be swayed back to believing that Light is guilty Soichiro surely can’t swing again. The fact that he didn’t see further then what he wanted to, none of them did, when the news of the killings came out just shows that there is no hope there.

This really was what I was waiting for!



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