PWA : Rising

PWA ended 2016 with a bang and absolutely everyone wants to see them carry on with the positive vibes going into the new year. Its been way too long since we have been to a PWA show so we were extremely excited to be back at the Plymouth School of  Creative Arts in Milbay Road for their first event of 2017.

Winners : The Renegades

Vini Clay is the man formally known as Vincent Andrews, with a new name he comes to PWA with the same fire and same aura about him that makes him exciting before he’s even got to the ring. The guy is a natural. Him and Harding made a strange but effective team.

It was a good opening match, PWA need to rebuild their tag team division and the Renegades are a great team to work with. It was a great idea having them up against Harding and Clay because they don’t have over the top personalities like some of the most loved PWA guys so playing off against two guys that are just loved and cheating their way through the match gave them that edge that they might not have had if they were up against another team.

Really loved the match though and how the Renegades kept it in their corner. Them making Harding bleed again just worked in their favour and made the whole thing look really nasty.

Have to say that Harding works well in tag team matches because it limits him to using his strengths. He told me to be honest so I’ll be honest, sometimes his singles matches become unbalanced. Guy is a good wrestler but a absolutely fantastic entertainer but he doesn’t work to the fine line like a guy like Jason King does so more often then not his wrestling can suffer as he plays to the crowd a little too much. In tag team matches he has that time when he’s on the apron so when he’s in the ring you get to really see him work. I’ve always said he wasn’t the most graceful of wrestler when going high risk but honestly one of the moves of the night was his jump off the top rope to the waiting wrestlers on the ground.

When PWA starts off that strong you know you are in for a good night and it was a brilliant match.


Winner : Grayson Reeves

The reaction Mitchell Starr gets when he comes out is so very well deserved. The guy has taken this small company by storm and just the hint of Robbie Williams about to play out to the crowd gets everyone excited. Out of all his matches though this was by far the best as there might have been a lot of messing around to begin with, which I won’t complain about because he spanked Grayson Reeves and lets face it… I just won’t complain about that kind of content, but when they settled down he matched Grayson at every turn.

Star is a visual treat to fans from the flamboyant entrance to his reactions to everything, skipping in the ring to dancing and dipping Reeves…. Thing is the guy backs up the funny with such a great wrestling style. Throwing Reeves off the top rope was a amazing moment and there were a few times that I thought he had got his hands on the belt. Unfortunately for him Grayson is always a step ahead.

It was a brilliant title defence for Grayson but I feel he needs to actually have someone to feud with leading up to the Anniversary show. It’ll be interesting to see how they play him coming up to nearly a year holding the belt and who he’ll face at the Anniversary Show. At the moment whilst Grayson has been on fire at the back end of 2016 and started 2017 off with a bang and continues to get better every time he comes out his actual reign as champion has been quite boring.

Really good match though and the two of them played off each other really well. I always (recently) have big praise for Grayson so that won’t surprise you but Mitchell Star is really something else. If you ever see him advertised for a local show, even if you don’t really care too much about wrestling (which begs the question why you are reading this…) go see him because he is just fantastic.


Winner : Tyler Hawke

These three guys were really good and I have to say that I really hate Luke Phoenix with a passion. He’s good in the ring but he plays the bad, whiny little git perfectly. He played the opening perfectly, keeping on the outside and letting Hawke and Riley go one on one.

The three of them came up with some great moves and the ending portion of the match was breath taking with some amazing moves. Riley’s missed moonsault, followed by Phoenix’s missing headbutt and ending with Hawke’s big stomp from the top rope was amazing. It was the only match where the crowd was so very involved with cheering for Tyler and Dick whilst booing Phoenix but would actually stop just to applaud amazing sequences in the middle of the match. It was technically one of the best matches we’ve seen in PWA and showed how fantastic all three guys are.

For a big portion of the match Riley was out and we got to see Phoenix vs Hawke and I think that would be a interesting feud going forward actually. The two really worked well together, and whilst writing their surnames next to each other it looks pretty cool too, I think its a shame we didn’t get to see a longer thing play out with them two for the PWA belt when Hawke held it because it would have been interesting. Phoenix personality is a great counterpoint to Hawke’s and they would be a interesting pairing in the future.

There really isn’t many words for this match though it was just three of the most talented wrestlers you’ll see showing off. It was bloody awesome.


Winners : The Kings Court

I ended 2016 with only one name really being uttered. Ask me anything about wrestling in 2016 and the first thing will be some story about Jason King. Tonight he and Adam Flint got a chance to win the vacant tag team belts from the team that I still maintain should have been champions all along anyway.

It was a funny one really. Sadly I’m not sure if getting the crowd behind Jason King all night long helped the story or hindered it. I personally found the breaking up of the Bristol Boys fantastically played even though for the first time since they arrived in PWA they were properly booed through a lot of the match, even Jason King had to point out we were meant to be cheering for them. The Big Bristol Boy (I never did learn their names) got angry and with his Bristol accent got most of the crowd laughing at his speech before he turned on his partner who to be fair did prat around more then usual and really did lose the match for them.

Before all that drama though there was a really excellent match.

I’ve always been a fan of the Bristol Boys but they were just out matched by the perfect symmetry of the Kings Court. Jason King and Adam Flint just work in perfect tandem with each other, something I always felt lacked a little with the Bristol Boys. They always seemed to be a second out or a move behind each other whilst the Kings Court seem to be able to second guess to the finest second what the other is about to do. They still aren’t perfect but they are getting there. Adam Flint comes on leaps and bounds from match to match and really he wrestled rings around his opponents tonight, in the future he very much could be the force to be reckoned with in this team. His smaller stature and look might work against him but his aggression in the ring is something to be seen and whilst Jason King is the whole package Adam Flint could very much be the man that makes their matches.

There were some moments that got a little bit messy, props to the ref though who did a much better job at keeping up with who the legal man is at the end of the match then poor Ed Dyer usually does. Thought he was excellent if I’m honest, I loved that he really got into the faces of the wrestlers when they weren’t the legal man and the best moment was when he joined in with the nipple pinching, had me in fits of giggles.

Honestly thought it would have been the perfect main event. So happy that Jason King just wouldn’t be booed no matter what he tried. Think it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Bristol Boys (and I do hope they stay!) but more importantly I can’t wait to see the Kings Court destroy the tag team division and the continued growth of two of the most impressive, entertaining and  talented individuals down in the West-Country. Everyone keep your eyes on Jason King and Adam Flint as they are gonna be amazing.


Winners : Bull Lekimie & Miller & JD Knight

I don’t know. I didn’t like it as much as the rest of the night, I do think that even though the ending was huge, I’ll talk about it in a bit, and it had some of their biggest names that the match shouldn’t have been the main event. I’d have swapped it with the triple threat and have it the match leading into the half time because it just wasn’t that exciting to be honest.

Alexander was eliminated with a injury early on which left Ryan and PJ out there. PJ has only just turned so without Dom in the other corner whilst the crowd knew they were now allowed to cheer him instead of boo him it just didn’t really mean anything. It was building up to this big ending but honestly…. It was like every other Six-Man bout they have every month.

I do love seeing Lekime though, I’ve gone from finding him quite boring to so interesting. He’s becoming like our mini-Brock Lesnar in that he just comes and clears the ring out and leaves a path of destruction. I do think they are going to have to build someone big to come out and take that belt from him, I’d say Eddie Ryan but he’s claimed to have tamed the Lion so I don’t think that there is a regular I’d say I’d want to see up against him. I’d like to see PWA bring in someone else who is already established to be someone that could take down Lekime. I know it will 100% never happen but seeing that Ryan has been tamed I’d like to see the other guy who made me fall in love with the local wrestling scene return and do it, that man being Danny Walsh. It won’t happen but you need someone like Ryan or Walsh to take him out because he’s destroyed the majority of the regulars and teaming WITH JD Knight means it wouldn’t make sense to see them two against each other.

The match ended with some strange little kid jumping up to distract Eddie Ryan and then Eddie getting laid out by Max Alexander. It made sense but it didn’t work. You knew what they were going for but the kid, and if he isn’t a kid then he unfortunately looked about 15 in the ring with guys like Lekime and Knight, was just too hyperactive. He was like Paul O’Grady but even more over the top then I’ve ever seen him, throwing out every cocky heel pose he possibly could in what was the most cringe worthy performance I’ve ever seen in anything. I guess this didn’t help that he was also extremely squeaky. What made it sad was that the guy actually looked pretty cool at the top of the stairs before he headed off down, I thought he was going to be some badass manager but he ended up being…. Yeah. I’d tone him down hell of a lot, limit himself to one pose instead of every single one he could think of.

Second problem was that Max Alexander is possibly the most boring person they could think of to turn. They didn’t really have a choice but honestly I think after the initial pissed off reaction he was bound to get for screwing the home town hero out of a win people just won’t care. I guess this is Alexander’s time to shine because he was in the ring with two of the most interesting personalities in PWA. Lekime who is just terrifying (and apparently my nieces enemy) and JD Knight who is just so bloody fun.

The one thing I love about Rob Lekime is that his matches always end in pure craziness.  It made my niece cry, it left me breathless and is just a great way to build that whole picture of Lekime being unstoppable.



What a way to start off 2017 for PWA. Complete intent in everything they did. You thought 2016 was big? Wait for what is coming next.

They have new tag team champions, great wins for the two other champions and just overall every match was amazing.

The Triple Threat the more I think back on it was just the perfect match, it wasn’t the most flashy of matches or the one that got you involved but it is probably the first match on my list for match of the year this year. Its gonna take a lot to out match those three. The Tag Title match was also really good, its sad that the Bristol Boys are no longer as the match highlighted just how good a team they were but it also once more showed the dominant force that the Kings Court, and I do include Adam Flint in that, are in PWA. Them two and Grayson Reeves come out every show and make the same statement, they are the guys you have to beat and you just aren’t going to match up to them.

I wouldn’t like to say who my man of the night was because they were all so fantastic. Reeves and Star would be right up there as would King and Flint, Clay and Harding and of course Tyler Hawke. I had a long day having to get up at 3am for work at 5am and a 10 hour shift on only a hour of sleep but just the thought of seeing those guys compete made me excited all day long. Of course I could just be extremely bias and give it to JD Knight or Eddie Ryan who are the two guys I love most. I can’t help but be extremely happy every time I get to see JD Knight come down to the ring.

So SOOO happy that the Kings Court won. A lot of shit has been said about a certain Mr King recently and it baffles me anyone could question his immense talent in the ring. Is he perfect? By no means. Can he play up to the crowd a little too much? Of course he can. How someone could watch his matches and not see that he’s as good as he is just doesn’t make sense, the man improves match by match and is already one of the most exciting, versatile, impressive and entertaining men on any card he’s on. People say fans only like him because he’s a clown, that is extremely insulting to his fans. Jason likes to make people smile, his personality means that you either cheer or boo him. THAT IS HIS JOB! He’s over the top and silly as hell but that is why the crowd whether they boo or cheer actually care enough to do so. Regardless of what he does outside the ring to insult him inside the ring is crazy. Give him another year and he’ll be by far one of the best talents we have down here. His tag team with Adam Flint is one of the most interesting partnerships we have, they compliment each other perfectly and both of them are so talented yet get better every time.

Adam Flint impresses me every time I see him in the ring, I feel bad that a lot of the time I kind of forget him, not on purpose but mainly because he needs to develop a more out there personality. I’ve only ever seen him in the Kings charismatic shadow BUT I’ve also kinda realised that if he moved away a little from the clean cut, jumper tied around the neck character he is right now and moved on to something a bit more like Tyler Hawke (badass manliner wearing dude) it might work. Of course its about getting the visual right (he won’t look as badass as Tyler, then again not many people can pull off Tyler’s look) but when he stood in the crowd with the belt in his mouth I thought to myself man isn’t that a cool look for Flint. In the ring he’s impressive as anyone but I’d like to see him move from the feeling of being the Kings underling to the Kings equal. I know they aren’t going for that but Jason has such a big personality and Adam is so sweet that he needs a bit of a attitude injected in him. He’s getting there though and I feel like I need to move away from Jason King chants and more to Kings Court chants instead.

Letting the Bristol Boys split in a serious way like they did was great and the ending built up something much bigger for PWA as a whole. I don’t see the big deal about Max Alexander BUT I said the same about Grayson Reeves and then he turned, got some good matches under his belt and more importantly some decent wins and now he’s one of the guys I always highlight as being one of the best in PWA so who knows how I’ll feel about Alexander in a few months time.

Perfect start to the year for them.

Props to Rich or whoever it is that came up with the chant of the night which was very much Baby Sheamus. From now on whenever I see the Renegades that is all I’m gonna think.

Plus their new t-shirts are honestly one of the best designs I’ve ever seen. I brought one right away and shall wear it with a hell of a lot of pride. The Jason King merchandise is also awesome, Andy brought me a mug and I brought myself one of his t-shirts which I have to wait for as he didn’t have any in my size. Hoping they sell well for both the promotion and Jason and we get to see some new merchandise during the year.

Really honestly everyone wants to go follow them because I feel big things are coming their way in 2017…

Facebook : Plymouth Wrestling
Twitter : @PlymWrestling
Instagram : Plymouth_Wrestling
YouTube : Plymouth Wrestling Association

Website :

PWA is really a family. I love all the local companies, I say it all the time, but PWA really is the place I love to be. I can’t explain how badly I want them to have a spectacular 2017 and see them grow even more. Going to this show made me realise just how many people adore these shows. The kid who always sits to the right of us is precious, she’s the girl that came up with the Burger Tits chant and is always 100% into every match. So is my niece who cried when Eddie Ryan lost, is the only person in the world who cheers for JD Knight and has declared Rob Lekime enemy for life after hurting both Tyler and Eddie. Then there was a dad who looked like he’d brought his son to the wrestling for the first time and was more excited about that then anything else which made me want to cry! They are a small company, a local company but I really do think they’ve done what they set out to do and that is implant themselves into the heart of a small community.

I would love to see that community grow because you can’t beat the feeling of coming home to see the wrestling and being part of this group every single time.

I can never thank them or the wrestlers enough for always giving their all and making every show so very good. It leaves all us fans grinning from ear to ear (or making seven year olds cry…..) and is what makes us come back.

Really do hope for the best in 2017 and if this show is anything to go by then you REALLY can’t miss them.

ALSO before I post all the photos, watch out in the next few hours for a Fantasy Booking thread. Originally the Final Thoughts turned into me blabbering on about things I’d like to see happen and nothing about the actual show so I moved it over to its own blog which I’ll post as soon as I’ve finished it (I’ve been working on both together.) It is a small bit of fun not to be taken seriously but when I started I couldn’t stop and then I thought it would be interesting if anyone else had anything to share. So keep a eye out for that and let me know if there is anything you’d want to see!

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    1. You know I love you Ed! I was the only person sad to see you not there! In fact I take everything back the night was ruined because you weren’t there 😉

        1. Haha you better be! I’ve put all my eggs in one basket now declaring you my favourite ref, if you let me down I’ll cry.

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