PWA Fantasy Booking 2017…

Well at the end of the Rising event review instead of writing about the night I seemed to go into Fantasy Booker mode and couldn’t help it. So because it ended up being longer then the review itself I thought for fun I’d make a whole blog about it.

Before any smart arse comes along emphasis on the word FANTASY! I know that what they can do is limited but I thought it would be fun anyway. Of course feel free to add anything you’d like to see in the comments. For FUN.


So I guess first off I’ll deal with the Bristol Boys.

The turn actually managed to be very effective and out of the two tag team break ups in recent months this is the one I want to see have a pay off at the end of it. Personally I’d love to see them face each other in a grudge match at the Anniversary Show, I’m pretty sure they made their debut at the Anniversary Show in 2015 or at least I know the Big one who turned won the rumble at that show, so it would make a good ending point for them if they are going solo or at least would just be nice to end this story there.

I wouldn’t have it play funny like PJ Jones/UK Dominator. I’d have the Big one want to go solo, give him a promo on the YouTube channel, have someone like Luke interview him over Skype or something and ask if he wants to go solo if he is going to face his former tag team partner and have him scoff at the idea and say he’d never face him because he’s a joke. At the next event have the small one run down during the match and just attack him and them having to be pulled apart. Have them both run a promo on the YouTube channel afterwards, the Big one furious the small one not saying much but it clear that the Small one wants to face his former tag team partner and the Bigger of the two wanting nothing to do with it. The final show before the Anniversary show, which will be the month after I believe, have the attack so violent and out of control that the match just HAS to happen at the Anniversary show. Build it up as the biggest grudge match you’ll see.

Personally I’d have the Big one win the match, but that is mainly because I think having to be feel good all the time is silly. The reaction my niece had to Eddie Ryan losing at Rising was pure tears but it also meant that a seven year old has announced that the bad guy is now her enemy and she didn’t even want a poster because her enemy was on it. If the Bristol Boys are staying in PWA as singles competitors then it’ll make the Big one more of a threat then if he lost.

So that is one story. I think it would work, kids would get behind the Smaller of the two, using YouTube to promote the match even if it doesn’t reach everyone would make the match so much better.


This guy is dynamite. PWA did good bringing Starr down to Plymouth they really did.

JD Knight was going to do a “take wrestling seriously” thing with Chuck Cyrus, who has disappeared from the West-Country at the moment, which I was looking forward too. I can’t see why we can’t have that transfer to Starr. I’d quite like to see Knight vs Starr and in a way having a best of series against them two might work better then it would with Cyrus. Have different match types and really show what both can do.

Starr is so unique to anyone we see down this way, he has the perfect entrance music as everyone is excited before he even comes out, but he just dazzles the second he comes out and everyone is instantly behind him. On the other hand JD Knight has the same kind of energy with a room just they instantly hate him. Whilst Knight does his own version of seriousness I just think his playful bad guy would work great against Starr’s shining personality.



Now this group is strange but probably will be effective.

Rob Lekime is a tornado of bad news. Guy comes in, destroys his opponents and the place in general and then leaves. Giving him a whole group of guys is interesting because he didn’t need to have anyone on his side, he’s proven time and again that he is a side all on his own and a side that you just can’t really fight against. Still having him with Knight and Miller is interesting, add in Alexander and he might just gain a personality.

What I’d like to see is total and utter destruction in March. Have the roster warned in February that they are not going to like these guys. Have them dominate in their matches. I said above that JD Knight vs Mitchell Star would be great, have Knight beat Star and then make a big speech about how being a idiot doesn’t win you matches, setting up the best of whatever series. Have Alexander come out and utterly destroy someone like Harding with a poor attitude and cheating with the little weasle manager. Have Lekime vs PJ Jones or Eddie Ryan (Ryan would make more sense BUT as you’ll see below I want to see him against someone else though the bottom fantasy could be put back) and again have him destroy them.

The main event ends the same as always, with the whole group standing tall over bodies. After Lekime beats his opponent have him just continue the attack which brings down guys like Ryan, Riley, Starr etc just for them to be out done by these guys. Lekime and the manager have both now laid hands on Luke, have them do it again which leaves them with a one event ban. None of these guys will be seen at the March show. When the March show happens they interfer and hold PWA to ransom before the “Good Guys” come and take them out, this leaves two sides in a stare down and a massive chance at a elimination match at the Anniversary.

Of course this wouldn’t happen because you tie up the champion though I personally don’t mind having the belt on the line (wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to them from Luke to announce that they have a elimination match, Rob get cocky because he doesn’t have to fight for his belt and he feels like no one deserves to fight for it just for everyone in that match to be eligible for the belt) and I’m not sure there is anyone I’d like to see Lekime fight at the Anniversary show. Don’t really have a preference for who would win that match it would all be down to where they want to go after the Anniversary show but I think it would be a interesting main event (and probably make a deadly cool poster too.)


This comes in two parts. Number one I just like seeing Ryan in one-on-one matches and number two I’d like to see Vini Clay become kind of like the face of PWA in a way that Eddie Ryan kind of is at the moment.

Like you won’t get anyone getting a bigger cheer then Eddie when he comes out, just announcing him as our home town boy gets him that cheer, him coming out in his Argyle shirt makes sure that anyone who didn’t get the message finally does get it. I think it would be a interesting story to have Clay face Ryan and come up short but to decide he is going to be the man that climbs the mountain and becomes the face of PWA.

He has everything you want from a guy at the top. Instantly likeable, great ambassador for wrestling in the West-Country and has so much room for improvement. He gets better every time we see him and with him going to PWA and Pride he’s only going to get better and better. Whilst he’s not going to have the connection to PWA as Eddie Ryan does I think it would be a good start and end point to a road to the PWA championship.

So like at the next show have Ryan vs Clay which will be a fantastic match up anyway. Clay just needs to walk into a room and people know his intent is to own the ring in the match and I think he could push Ryan to the limit and surprise people at how good he is. I’m extremely biased on both guys, I’ve always felt Eddie Ryan is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen perform live or otherwise, man is so damn talented and so versatile that he can face anyone and come out looking amazing. As for Vini Clay I’ve been impressed since the first time I saw him and he gets better all the time, I’ve not hidden the fact I think he’s going to be a superstar one day and I feel that is one reason PWA want to jump on him now before he does get good enough that companies further away pick up on him and we lose him down here.

He comes up short on this occasion, have him backstage a little disappointed with losing but maybe have someone like John Harding who is just a genuine nice dude anyway and in himself one of the pillars of PWA come up and tell him how good the match was and to keep going. Harding whilst not being as good in the ring as Ryan (I’m so sorry John but not many people are so I’m not being mean) is still a face that even the newest fans to PWA will automatically feel IS PWA.

Have Clay himself realise he’s reached to high too fast and have some decent bouts with guys like Starr, Reeves, Kings Court and so on. Even maybe working his way through to face Reeves at the Anniversary show for the British Belt and have him win and give him a reign with that (though I feel one of the guests are going to face Reeves on the show) before losing it down the line. Don’t have him lose cleanly or if he does have it against someone who really takes him to the limit then the next month have him come down and ask Eddie Ryan for a re-match, the re-match he then wins which makes Luke or whoever decide that maybe its time for Clay to face the champion.

Its a long story with a pay off right in the future but I know a few fans would like to see one long story like that. I think people who go to every show would like to have something that built up and had a ending like that in the future and I know some of the kids would love it. Clay is the star of the future and I feel like PWA can honestly trust him with building this story of the guy reaching for the top of the company, not just the championship itself but the top of that pile of faces that the people really come to see. He’s charismatic enough and already well loved enough by the regulars, he’s someone that you’ll see wrestle once and want to see time and again. It would just be nicer then having him end up in a tag team to bulk up the tag team numbers or end up in a lot of Six-Man tag team matches that hide him away from the fans. Guy is going to be a absolute star and PWA need to take advantage of that at the beginning of his career.



And that is it. Its only a little bit of fun, I know I know bugger all about booking anything its just something I thought would be interesting to post. As I said would love to hear other people’s ideas and if we do get any other ideas I might put them together in another blog.

Whatever happens in PWA this year I’m pretty certain its going to be a absolute blast.


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