Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Server Down for Maintance

Episode 11

“Sābā Mentenansu Chū desu”(サーバーメンテナンス中です)

5 left which means 1 more until the goalposts get changed again…..

It seems the fight against Cranberry was never going to be important. The building her up to be the big end boss was pointless as she gets taken out in a moment of compassion when she finds out that Swim Swim is a child which left her open to be… Well…. Holed open by Tama who gets the series best death destroying the top half of Cranberry just to get her throat cut by Swim Swim who is seriously a serial killer, like even regardless of the killing game in this game she’s a serial killer.

The episode wasn’t about that though it was about setting up what looks to be the final confrontation between Ripple and Swim Swim which actually is pretty odd. I mean after all Ripple has kind of been a meh character most of the series and seems like a weird final boss fighter. After killing all characters who actually seemed important its like they finally remembered that Ripple was around and needed to do something other then fight Mary and get Top Speed killed.

Speaking of Top Speed it was horrible to have to live through Ripple talking to a ghostly Top Speed, again making me wish we’d seen more of them all before they started killing each other because its just real sad that we didn’t really get to see that side of the relationship of Ripple and Top Speed until the very end.

Fav sets the wheels in motion and it looks like the only person who can stop all this is Snow who isn’t really strong enough mentally to do anything but stand on the side lines and beg with the two of them not to do this. She doesn’t realise that Fav is really egging them on though, oh he admits it but she doesn’t see him playing to Swim Swim’s weakness which is comparing herself forever and always to Ruler. Needing subjects now all her friends are dead he makes out that beating Ripple will mean that she’ll bend a knee to her, he doesn’t mention the fact he’s dropped the minimum for the Magical Girls down to two to help Ripple in her quest for revenge or the fact he’s given away Swim Swim’s weakness which is to sound and light, not that I have a clue how Ripple will use that to her advantage.

Not a lot seemed to happen in this episode other then to really drive home that we should care about this.

I’m much more interested in the things we don’t know about and might never learn about like what it is Fav was actually sent to do, what is this World of Magic, what about other Magical Girls? Instead we’re going to have the weakest of final battles, not in terms of strength but in pairing. Whilst we’re given the perfect revenge story it just seems odd as we haven’t really seen or heard much about the strength of Ripple and her fight with Mary wasn’t that impressive, the amount of strong characters who have fallen is ridiculous.

As for Swim Swim I really need a whole psychological break down of a child her age being able to sit and calmly do her homework after killing so many people. It just seems so odd.


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