Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Holiday Stalker

Episode 6

“Yoka no Sanposha” (余暇の散歩者)

With the two part shenanigans of Twenty-Faces out of the way its time to settle back into another case. With a title like Holiday Stalker it sounds like it might be a interesting one.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character so intent on happily finding a way to kill a so-called friend as Hanasaki is to kill Kobayashi. Its weird, its kind of obvious that Hanasaki is trying to get Kobayashi to warm to the thought of being alive and joining their group but he kind of makes sense when he talks about Kobayashi getting hurt at strange times, strange times that just so happen to be when he’s helping people.

This leads to them taking on six jobs and doing them terribly which was actually really fun. The iPod one was great, the fact that Otomo added weapons, the vase that the daughter-in-law wanted copied so she could sell it and when they followed the woman to see if she was having a affair just for Kobayashi to mess it up by just outright asking her. They were real funny but didn’t really help and didn’t really do anything other then make the audience laugh.

Personally Hanasaki’s overbearing positive attitude wouldn’t change my view on life. I’m a miserable person like Kobayashi and I’d probably want to be dead even more having to spend time with someone so over the top and positive all the time.

It looks like he’s getting to him though, after Noro tries to get Kobayashi to fill in a simple form to join the group Hanasaki decides to claim that day as Kobayashi’s birthday bringing his “home” of the big wheel carriage over to the building and plonking it on the roof as well as throwing a birthday party, the stupid cases seem to have been purely there to distract Kobayashi. By the end of the episode we even get to see genuine smiles from Kobayashi who seem’s to be a little happy with the situation and his first pizza.

This episode made me very aware that whatever it is that is going to kill Kobayashi or take his powers away is going to come just as he decides he wants to live. I knew it from the beginning, after all they aren’t going to leave him wanting to die and not able to die else what would the point of the series be but its this episode that really hammered that he’s going to choose life at some point and we all know its going to be that point where something comes along that can hurt him. I do hope we actually get it explained what it is that makes him unkillable now and not just have it so that it disappears at some point.

Whilst the title Holiday Stalker didn’t actually have anything to do with the episode it still turned out to be a good one. Just a nice fluffy episode with Hanasaki and Kobayashi hanging around together which probably is needed after the last two episodes. Nothing much happened but whilst nothing happened it developed Kobayashi so much its unbelievable. He really has gone from hating life to actually contemplating not hating it.

I liked seeing Noro get a visit though, that was my favourite part of the episode, her sad face when she thought she wasn’t going to get cake was precious though unfortunately as a bit of a recluse myself its the price you pay I’m afraid. It was a fun episode.


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