Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Sudden Battle Chances Up!

Episode 10

“Ran’nyū Batoru Kakuhen-chū!”(乱入バトル確変中!)

Pretty sure we’re going to lose another Girl and pretty sure I know which one but the biggest question is after killing the one I think they are going to kill are Swim Swim and Co really going to be stupid enough to attack Cranberry?

Hardgore Alice’s demise was so obvious from the start that it lost some of the impact it might have had.

I don’t know since when Swim Swim became so good at fighting but she knows what she’s doing. Unfortunately as much as she’s become a good fighter she’s also a terrible strategist. She has no real clue what she’s up against or how to really rally her troops which leaves her with a injured Tama and a dead Mina. Her group have gone from the one with most numbers to the most dead.

Then again she’s also been seen as a opponent worth of Cranberry when she realises just how many people she’s killed, with four deaths under her belt she’s by far the leader in the death game. Sensing something of herself in Swim Swim it seems Cranberry has found something that interests her in all this. I actually think Swim Swim might be able to beat her because if there was one thing that brought down Mary it was her own arrogance. Cranberry has the same arrogance and it could just be a downfall for her compared to the cool head of Swim Swim. I don’t really think that Swim Swim has much arrogance, she has a dream that she is working towards. The thing with her is that she isn’t strong or even very smart but she’s had a human shield around her this whole time that has now crumbled down around her. She’s left with Tama and that is it.

Whilst Snow has now lost everyone and Ripple is pissed off and we’re down to 5 we also learn that this is all some kind of entrance exam, though it seems fatalities aren’t something the World of Magic are hoping to hear about. With so few episodes left it’ll be interesting to see where it all fits in, this fighting and death.

One thing that I am sad about is the fact that we never really got to learn more about the girls away from this game and the stresses it puts on them. The ones that we know more about are the ones that deaths really touched but even the bad guys deserved a little more. It would have been nice to have had a episode or two more at the beginning of the season so that we could learn more about people before they started to die.

This purely because I’d love to actually see how Swim Swim truly feels about killing people. I’m pretty sure I know that she’s a little kid (yeah never bothered to re-check that fact) so how can she really do what she’s doing and not be effected? The same for some of the others. We saw the torment its causing for some and someone like Alice who came from such a bad background anyway just needed a escape from her actual hell but I wonder what it would actually be in Swim Swim’s life to lead a child to murder people in cold blood the way she has been.

I thought that Cranberry was in charge but even if a lot of this was her plan or something its back to being very obvious she’s just being guided as well by Fav, he’s the real mastermind and the real enemy but I feel it’ll be too late for anyone to figure that one out. We’re down to 5 as I said and I feel we’ll have even less by the end of episode 11 and will be surprised if anyone is still standing by episode 12


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