Death Note : Wager

Episode 15

Kake (賭け)

It looks very much like L’s life is coming to a end after Rem agrees to kill L to make both Light and Misa happy.

Once again L also see’s through everything warning the police that if he dies in the next few days then Light is Kira. Stupidly he then also tells Light that if he dies in the next few days then he has told everyone that he’s Kira.

L has a bigger game going then obviously I’ll know till the end, whilst I can see lazy parts of Light’s plan, usually because he has to do something fast, but with L you never know quite what he has planned. The wager this time out is simple, and yet I believe its going to fail.

They apprehend Misa. L is able to figure out that Misa  is the second Kira and keeps her tied up with her eyes covered to stop her being able to kill. As it turns out this works in Light’s favour. Misa refuses help from Rem knowing that if she’s magicked away in any way it would show the police there is some kind of mystic thing going on and would once more lead them back to Light, as Rem refuses to kill her when she begs her to she does the one thing that could help Light… She relinquishes control of her Death Note to Light.

With Misa no longer able to remember anything about the Death Note it makes her completely and utterly useless to L. He did see a strand of hair being pulled in a strange direction when Rem was leaving though so there is all the chance in the world that he’s formulating a new plan.

Light at first felt like the game had turned in L’s favour but just like when he had L beat he now has to just take a step back.

L is now more certain then not that Light is the suspect and calls him in to be questioned but with Misa now useless and Light seemingly happy to give up Ryuk’s Death Note there could be some really interesting games before the next big move.

Really honestly love seeing L out and about. His interactions with Misa when he first met her had me giggling. Its the way he looks and the way he moves, he looks so odd compared to the rest of the world that your eye is always drawn to him. As I’ve said he always seems to be a step ahead of Light but has the disadvantage of not knowing about Shinigami’s. If he ever actually figured that out to a great extent I think he’d have Light but as its pretty impossible to figure out that side of it he has to hope that staying ahead of Light’s human mistakes is enough to make him trip up. Him having Misa’s phone when Light tried to call her to get L’s name was hilarious.

I really liked the episode. I still don’t like Misa as a character and I don’t particularly like Rem, I hope Ryuk doesn’t disappear as I really liked him as a character whilst I find Rem quite boring. Its strange really seeing Rem has a story whilst Ryuk is just bored and observing the fun that Light is having. He felt like he was a character though whereas Rem feels like a plot piece. The story of how to kill a Shinigami, the relationship with Misa, it just all feels contrived to up the stakes whilst Ryuk never really did anything to the story. Yeah he started it off because he was bored but other then that he just talked. He didn’t help, he didn’t interfere, he was just Ryuk.

Wouldn’t miss Misa if she never showed up again but by the sound of it she’ll remember that she’s in love with Light even if she doesn’t know why. If that is the case she’ll be even more annoying and if Rem has any say in the matter then we could end up having her tagging along the story for no real reason other then to keep misery guts Rem happy.

Whilst I appreciate having a outside pawn that Light couldn’t really control messing up the game in a way I was just enjoying watching the mental game of chess that L and Light were playing. Suddenly Light’s side became too over powered and even though Misa now doesn’t know Rem there is still the possibility that Rem is going to help Light knowing it would be what Misa wants. It just threw the balance too much and I didn’t find Misa or Rem interesting enough characters to join that battle. I’m happy she’s had her memories wiped before she could tell Light what L’s real name is but it felt like a waste of time.


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