Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Notice of New Rules

Episode 9

“Rūru Henkō no Oshirase” (ルール変更のお知らせ)

The game has taken on a nasty twist with Mary killing civilians bringing out all the remaining Magical Girls either to save the day or kill each other…

I was right in the last episode, the most dangerous person might just be Swim Swim. Well its either Swim Swim or the naivety of the good guys.

The episode perfectly made you forget about Swim Swim as the fight between Top Speed, Ripple and Mary raged on. It was such a big and dramatic battle that you spent the whole episode worrying about the two of them up until the point they beat Mary, suddenly just when you thought the good guys got a victory Top Speed topples over another victim of Swim Swim and the dirty tactics that they are going to use to win.

Whilst it was a very dramatic and action packed episode there isn’t much in there other then the absolute heart break.

The fact that Top Speed couldn’t live for 6 months and have her baby. Sister Nana couldn’t find something inside her to carry on without Winterprison and took her own life. The goal of 8 has changed to 4 which means that we’re continuing with this madness and worst of all the remaining Twin turned into Alice’s rabbit and now knows who she is and where she lives and very obviously is going to kill her before she transforms into Alice.

I always kinda knew that Nana wasn’t going to have it inside her to survive if Winterprison died, it was sad seeing her take her own life but I have to say I’m impressed they showed it. They haven’t exactly skimped on showing violence or anything but there is something weird about seeing someone hang themselves, even if its just showing their feet dangling that kind of hits home how horrible and desperate this game is more then the bloody deaths or anything else. We look at it as these girls/boys losing their lives but we forget that they have families and loved ones and they are losing something too. Its easy to desensitise towards what is happening because they are dying as Magical Girls but showing more of their home life and having a twin die, a mother to be die and seeing someone lose their love and then lose their own life at their own hands is just different.

Whilst I’m guessing the next victim will be Alice I really hope the plan that Swim Swim has come up with happens. She’s after Cranberry next mistaking her isolation for weakness. I hope after Alice they go after Cranberry and I hope the remaining Twin and Tama die and Swim Swim has to come to terms with the fact that she got them killed and isn’t as strong as she thinks Ruler to be.

I’d be interested in seeing how old Swim Swim is, didn’t we learn she was quite young or am I just thinking wrong because a lot of her decisions and her motivations are just so childish and emotionless.

Either way it isn’t going to stop soon.


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