Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : Underground Labyrinth

Episode 4

“Chitei Meikyū” (地底迷宮)

Seeing the team slowly come together in the previous episode made me happy. I’m hoping that it continues to be as interesting as it has been so far.

The dynamics were changed up a little as Inoue become the centre of attention for once. As Hanasaki has to spend one day a month in school he misses out on going after Twenty Faces leaving Kobayashi with Inoue.

I think it worked really well too because they really are two very different people and it brought out a completely different side of Kobayashi. Whilst he’s still sullen and moody he’s less likely to be helpful to Inoue who doesn’t see him as useful anyway and seems to be very much in a leader role which again rubs Kobayashi up the wrong way. To the point that Kobayashi stands by and lets Twenty Faces lackies beat up Inoue without moving. They have a big clash of morals really as Inoue wants to save everyone but Kobayashi doesn’t have a care about human life. It brings more out of both of them then having Hanasaki take over.

We learn roughly why Inoue is in a wheelchair too and get introduced to Katsuda who seems to have been his partner in the club before leaving after the incident that ended putting Inoue in a wheelchair. Its all very interesting plus ended on the first real cliffhanger of the season with Hanasaki still in school, Inoue and Kobayashi in danger, Akechi upsetting the police and Noro being Noro’s usual helpful self.

So far its everything I’ve wanted a showdown between the club and Twenty Faces to be. It looks like a simple game and yet there is so much more going on. All the members of the club are smart enough to see through the original simplicity of the game of hide and seek put before them but they still kind of head blindly forward at the same time.

Its funny how episode 2 I was still meh about the characters yet episode 3 made it seem like I cared about them all along whilst episode 4 they are like old friends that I really do bloody care about. Its such a quick turn over that I’m happy I ended up binge watching the series really. I don’t think it would have been half as effective if I hadn’t binged it. I’m so very interested in Inoue more then anyone at the moment and his relationship to Katsuda. I think it was sad when the girl obviously gave him the drink for him but he thought it was for Katsuda, there seems to be something bugging him. If I piece the evidence together it seems that he got injured whilst not listening to Katsuda telling him to wait for back up, Inoue even back then didn’t want to see anyone get hurt if he could help it. Maybe there is guilt in the back of both minds which means that Inoue avoids Katsuda and maybe Katsuda can’t talk to Inoue? He seemed to shrug Hanasaki off and is seen going to the hospital to give Inoue flowers but didn’t stay to talk to him so it would make sense that both feel guilt or anger or both emotions together.

I don’t even know why I’m so interested in finding out what is happening with those two but I am!

Again though the very interesting case and race against time to defeat Twenty Faces is just as important and so very interesting. Neither the personal drama or the case at hand over shadow the other and it makes for breath taking viewing!


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