Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Sudden Event in Session!

Episode 8

“Gerira Ibento Hassei-chū!” (ゲリライベント発生中!)

Suddenly everyone is a enemy and goodwill might not be the best thing to have in the game. I hope that isn’t the last thing Sister Nana learns.

Swim Swim is a evil little shit, she also has a very childish view on the world. Her only thing is she needs to be better then Ruler, taking out Winterprison was more to prove that she was stronger then Ruler then anything else but the way she did it was just cruel and also proved nothing as she gets one of the Peaky twins killed and didn’t beat Winterprison on her own anyway.

Gotta give it to them though the plan was pretty fucking scary. Watching Winterprison just beat Yuna’s head in against her wall was bloody scary too. Its really getting horrible now.

The episode spent a lot of time out of the Magical Girl thing and showed their real lives. Top Speeds husband and the father to her baby, the ridiculously low standards you needed to be a Magical Girl and the death of Sister Nana’s goodwill.

Not only that but Calamity Mary has changed the game and turned it into a real battle. In her task to kill Ripple she has started to kill normal humans not only to force Ripple and Top Speed from running away but to bring other Magical Girls to her, Swim Swim and co are going to use this as their cue to go and kill as many people as they can whilst Cranberry has decided it might not be worth going, then again she also wants to know who killed Winterprison so if I were Swim Swim I wouldn’t be so cocky.

Its really interesting how its all changed. I couldn’t see where all this would have came into the anime when it started, just having them killed for not collecting enough candies seemed bad enough but now there is just bloodshed everywhere. The whole thing is going to drive them all crazy with grief or power or bloodthirst. The remaining Angel is mad with grief, Sister Nana is mad with grief, Snow is still battling her own grief and very soon I see something bad happening to Ripple or Top Speed. For some reason I don’t see Mary being killed that easily and if she is then I have to wonder what is going to happen with Cranberry as I don’t see her being happy having to fight what is left after Mary and Winterprison are both gone, in fact I’m pretty sure all the strongest Magical Girls are being taken out so Cranberry is going to be extremely pissed off very fast.

There is a interesting change in threat too.

I never thought Swim Swim and co would really be threatening, even with all the magical items they brought I would never have thought they’d be able to take on someone like Winterprison but they did. They are extremely dangerous and in a way much more so then Mary and Cranberry who can’t help but show off, they use sneak attacks to get to their victims because they are weak and weak people bandied together can be the most dangerous.

Swim Swim looks to be the one to watch out for.

Other then that I’m still not sure why Mary, a alcoholic and abusive mother, being made a Magical Girl surprises me. Fav is such a shit bag and this whole game is a load of shit. He’s a pathetic excuse for a mascot and I hope he gets his just deserts in the end.


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