Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 : The Strategy of Conflict

Episode 6/18

The war has begun and its time for the Agency to step up as their opponents are much more bloody minded then they are.

I’m getting excited as some of my favourite parts of the manga are about to come alive in the anime.

First up I’ve always loved Nathaniel Hawthorne and his battle with Akutagawa was awesome. Even in the manga I thought that Nathaniel was one of the coolest members of the Guild and was equally as sad when he came up for this fight right at the beginning of the war. He was a great person to have against Akutagawa though and their battle is one of the most beautiful so far in the anime.

The episode was really all about Ougai Mori and his strategy. Out of the three bosses he’s the one that makes me laugh the most, his relationship with Elise is funny and the fact he wrote out his threat to the Guild in red crayon, and we got to watch him do so with Elise whacking him for stealing a crayon, managed to make you laugh but also realise that this guy is not someone to be messed with. He manages to be hilarious whilst also extremely dangerous and very smart and his smarts is what wins him this opening bout in the first episode of the war. In one episode he takes out the Guilds base, two of their members and sends two other members after the office workers of the Agency whilst sending Chuya to tell the Agency thisΒ which means they have had their hand forced to go out of their way and save the office workers, one of which is Naomi so it makes sense that Kunikida and Junichiro are going after them. Neither the Guild nor the Agency have even really began their war other then the Guild arriving and the Agency moving so right now the Mafia is not just one up on all of them but about three up, after all other then slight injuries to the already injured Akutagawa not a single member of the Mafia has been injured or stopped AND he’s set up for the Agency and Guild to fight each other without the Mafia needing to get involved.

Watching his plan slowly come together was wonderful though and the man even forced Rampo to be serious for a while. Well OK technically the President made him be serious as he’d have probably just sat there and let everyone talk but it was Mori’s plan that forced the President to make Rampo act seriously.

Lovecraft and Steinback are about to get more then they bargained for.


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