Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : The Hopeless on the Tower

Episode 3

“Tōjō no Mugyōsha” (塔上の無業者)

A interesting struggle to find a way to make Kobayashi die or want to live looks to be starting. Hopefully Kobayashi will find something to live for.

This was the episode that brought it all together for me. Now that they are a team and they started working together its much easier to like them as they balance each other out.

I really like how they have so far had really interesting cases that play in the background of the actual story which is of Kobayashi. The cases don’t get forgotten, they don’t get solved half assedly and this one and the last one were really interesting. This time out its all about a big elaborate ruse to harvest organs from homeless people or at least people who don’t really have anything to give to the world. A interesting concept in itself which we got enough information about to enjoy it without it taking over the more personal drama of Kobayashi trying to fit in to the team whilst also not wanting to be part of the team.

The thing is for someone to be so sad about not being wanted it proves that Kobayashi wants to be wanted. The whole “I want to be dead” stuff probably stems from him not having a place in the world. I can relate to that and when you are being shunned by others or made to remember that you are a danger or just useless in general then it can be hard to find a reason to be alive again so already I’m seeing the cracks in Kobayashi start. He’s never truly done anything to keep Hanasaki away from him, even within the episode he runs away but it feels half hearted. He knows Hanasaki will continue to look for him till he finds him and seeing they keep running into each other anyway its hard to see why he’d sit in a alleyway content that he’d escaped.

I was a little disappointed that Inoue was a complete ass hole to Kobayashi from beginning to end. I get that it makes sense for him to have his doubts on Kobayashi and even to tell him off when he told the old women that her whole family should just die but he has a moment when he upsets Kobayashi and wonders if he’s in the wrong just to return to being the sour faced grump he was before. I loved Akechi telling them all off and pointing out that Kobayashi was the only one that followed all his stupid rules but I was kind of hoping after figuring out he’d upset Kobayashi that Inoue would come to his own conclusion that he should just be nicer to him.

That being said it was nice to see the whole group working together, its a pretty fun group too. Again Kobayashi’s ability wasn’t so much deadly in this episode as it was defensive and it will be interesting to see if with a positive outlook on life he’ll actually try to concentrate and figure out whether or not he can actually control it. At the moment he seems to not be trying but there must be something inside him that will allow him to try.

Was that Twenty Faces at the end? He’s planning something for Akechi? That could be interesting.

I’ve liked all three episodes so far but this one is really the one where it all clicked for me and I’m happy I got back into it and starting to catch up. Hopefully it’ll keep getting better and better.


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