Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku :Your Friendship!

Episode 7

Shinmitsudo wo Ageyou! (親密度を上げよう!)

After the last episode it obvious is going to have real effects in the group. From a new Magical Girl to the bloody murder of Magicaroid.

It effects the girls in different ways but the same thing overall happens, they start to create small pockets and band together to lash out.

Sister Nana tries to bring everyone together, obviously getting the help of Snow White and Hardgore Alice who herself had quite the adventurous of episodes. Unfortunately she’s barking up the wrong tree if she thinks Swim Swim will help as Swim Swim is laying a plot to victory.

Calamity Mary might not be trying to bring people together but she does summon Ripple who ain’t too happy with it, unlike Sister Nana who does things right away this invite is for two days time. Ripple would rather not go anywhere near Mary but the kind of urgency that she’s being summoned with and Top Speed reminding her that she wants to stay alive for 6 months is possibly enough to get her to go see what Mary wants.

It might not be the best thing as Mary has been bested by Alice and isn’t in the best of moods.

Its getting to the point where people aren’t going to be able to trust each other which is interesting. People are all paired up so when one in the pair gets killed you have a spare hanging around, Snow is the one left right now and the only person who she could group up with is Alice who she’s terrified of. I mean I get it, the girl is a zombie and killed someone and pulled herself back together in front of Snow’s eyes but it also kind of makes me laugh that Snow wants to be this real good guy and she’s just judging Alice on her appearance and powers. At the end of the day the girl saved her life even if she’s a bit spooky in Snow’s eyes so she should be a little more grateful.

When Swim Swim goes into attack it might shake Sister Nana in a bad way, she’s the only other real good guy along with Snow in the game so if her belief in her fellow Magical Girls gets destroyed it might have terrible consequences.

I liked seeing Mary get bested and know it too though, whilst Clamberry is really dangerous for other reasons Mary might just be the one to look out for. I mean Clam is just super strong and out to kill people but Mary does NOT like that she’s had someone one up her and as someone who doesn’t work well with others for her to call two others to her it isn’t going to be a pretty sight. The whole scene of her trying to kill Alice was so sick and scary. The lengths she went to were amazing and to still be beaten by the zombie girl must have hurt.

Then again it isn’t Calamity Mary OR Clam that we need to worry about.

What is it that Swim Swim is gonna do to keep her group safe?


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